How to Write a Thank You Letter for a Gift You Received?

Last updated on November 5th, 2015

So! You received a gift. And you like it very much. What to do next?

The next move is to send a short and sweet thank you note. This is not mandatory, but it will remind the  giver that the gift was appreciated and you are thankful for their generosity.

But… how to write a thank you letter? Here is a guide.

Should I Send a Printed Letter, e-Mail or a Text Message?

The best thank you notes are handwritten. Write down your words of thanks on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope and send (or hand it) to the person that gave you a gift.

Pre-printed letters and cards, e-mails and text messages do not really show an effort on your part and it seems too impersonal, especially if the person took the time to find a gift that will make you happy. So stop being lazy and pick up that pen!

How to Write a Thank You Letter?

What should I write in a thank you letter?

Firstly, you should address the giver’s name. This shows you know you received a gift from them.

“Hey, Joe, Graham and Gordon!”
“Dear. Mrs. Puff and Sponge Bob,”
“Hi, Aunt Sally!”

Next, you recall the item they gave you. And thank them. If it is money, you just say, “thank you for your generosity” and do not mention the amount.

“I love the ceramic knife set you gave me on my birthday! Thank you!”
“The Squidward statue you gave us is just stunning. Thanks.”
“Thank you for your generosity.”

Then, you state how you will use (or are using) the gift.

“I love it so much. In fact, I just made my first dish using the knives.”
“The statue is now adding a touch of beauty in our garden.”
“We are now planning a honeymoon in the Bahamas and you contributed largely to the trip’s budget!”

Lastly, you thank the giver again and sign off.

Here is a full example:

Dear Dr. Jones,

Thank you for the laptop you gave me as a graduation gift. It is perfect in every way. I just used it in finding a new job online and I am planning to do freelance work to sharpen my Photoshop skills and to widen my portfolio.

I cannot thank you enough for giving me a leg up in starting this new phase in my life.

Thank you!


A few notes

  • Do not tell someone you do not like the gift. Or you had duplicates. It is disheartening than hearing that the receiver did not like the present.
  • When receiving a money gift of money, never tell that you used the money to spend on something other than the intended purpose. An example is paying off bills using wedding money gift or buying a PC when someone gave you money to help with hospital bills.
  • Never misspell the giver’s name.
  • Be personal!
  • KISS (Keep it short and simple!)
  • Send the letter as soon as you receive the gift.

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