How Do You Know If a Guy Would Like a Tech Gift?

Last updated on November 5th, 2015

So, ladies! I know you are thinking, “Will my man love me more if I gift him this piece of tech?”

To be quick: If that piece of tech is considered powerful these days and it is something he can readily use, then yes, your man will like that piece of tech. Let me explain.

A guy would love a piece of tech gadget if it gives him:

a. sense of power, and
b. a way to relieve the hard-wired need to fidget and move

That is about it. Why do guys love tech gadgets then?

Guys Love Tech Because of the Lure of Power

This is the main reason why I asked if that tech gadget is the latest or at least not yet considered obsolete. (So do not give him a Nokia 5110, LOL!)

Men feel that gadgets enhance supremacy, over females and over other males. In fact, men get an ego boost when they impress their buddies with their new toy.

When technology was not yet advanced, men had competitions like arm wrestling and sports to prove they are more manly than the other. This seemed to seep though this age where there are many doodads to compare.

So… if that tech is going to impress his buddies, go ahead and gift it to him.

Guys Love Tech Gadgets Because it Gives Them a Reason to Fidget

Surprising, huh? Guys love tech because it is hard wired for men to do something.

During the stone age, men were the ones in charge of getting out and finding food. Often, the men had to run, climb and swim all day to find a small amount of sustenance for his family. Today, not so much.

Advancing technology had evolved the jobs of men from hunting and gathering to typing non-stop in front of a glaring box. Since the bodies of humans is not yet fully adjusted to that change, that energy has to go somewhere… and yes that is the energy that drives men to stick their fingers to a touch screen.

Your man will love that tech gift, I assure you!

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One thought on “How Do You Know If a Guy Would Like a Tech Gift?

  • September 23, 2015 at 4:23 am

    Tech gadget would really be a perfect gift for a man. Especially nowadays that having a good gadget is really important.


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