Magical and Clever Heat Transforming Mugs to Your Make Coffee Time More Fun

Last updated on December 30th, 2015

The geeks who love coffee or tea would be amused at these clever heat transforming mugs. Get one for a geek friend or for yourself!

Morning Mug

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This is like you in the morning. Sleepy, absent-minded thing, but becomes the most alert and happy thing after taking in some coffee! Just look at how happy this mug is when hot, steaming coffee is tasted! So cute!

Pixel Heart Mug

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The geeky gamers will love this mug! This Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug looks like a black, empty heart when cold, but turns red when hot coffee is poured into the mug! This actually reminds me of Zelda games. The minimalist design is so beautiful and this is the most suitable games for gamer guys with simple tastes.

Marauders Mug

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This is just a plain black mug at first. Until you use it! When hot liquid in pored into this mug, it turns white, with the words, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" printed all over it. Sounds familiar? Potterheads will recognize this because this is the spell to use on the Marauder's Map in the Harry Potter novels and movies. This makes it a really nice gift idea for someone who loves Harry Potter

Tetris Mug

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Another great gift idea for someone who loves video games! Tetris is a classic video game and you can see the whole gaming interface of Tetris in this mug. More blocks appear when hot coffee or tea is poured inside, making it look like the game is going on for a while. Super cool!

8-Bit RPG Mug

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It is dangerous to go outside, take this... coffee mug! If you grew to love Zelda, you will also grow to love this geek mug,. This has graphic that are very similar to Legend of Zelda, with three empty hearts that fill up as you put hot coffee inside.

Battery Mug

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Much like someone low on battery, we get recharged by that much needed caffeine. This is illustrated by this battery mug. The graphic shows a sad, empty battery that fills up as soon as you put hot, steaming coffee inside! Woo-hoo!

Pac-Man Mug

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This mug initially shows a black Pac-Man maze. The pellets and the ghosts and Pac-Man himself show up when a hot beverage is poured inside the mug. Fans of classic NES games will love this unique heat transforming mug. Waka-waka-waka!

Zombies to Robots Mug

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Some people are like zombies in the morning. Slow, grumpy and ugly. However, they turn into the most efficient super-humans when their body experiences tasty caffeine. This is illustrated by one of these Zombie to Robots Heat Transforming mugs! At first, this mug shows ugly, hungry zombies. When hot beverage is poured inside, the zombies turn into happy robots! Cool!

Constellations Mug

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Do you love the stars? Then this constellation mug is just for you! When cold, this coffee mug has stars strewn all over it, but when hot coffee is added, lines are added, showing the constellations in the mug. This is a perfect present for someone who loves astronomy.

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