Heart Shaped Jewelry For Your Lady Love

Last updated on June 11th, 2018

Gifting jewelry to your special lady is a timeless display of devotion. Jewelry is treasured gems and are perfect items for her that she got a man to keep her loved and cared for.

These heart shaped jewelry pieces will secure your place in lady love’s heart:

Dandelion Heart Necklace

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We’ve blown dandelions when we were younger so that our wishes will come true. Dry-pressed dandelions in a heart-shaped clear resin pendant. Your girlfriend can go anywhere and this is a gentle way to remind her of the wishes the two of you will be fulfilling in the years to come.

Heart of the Ocean Necklace

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Iridescent, heart-shaped swarovski crystal, with rhinestone encrusted wings surrounding it. It’s stunningly beautiful as the calm tropical seas that you might think it may have come from a sunken treasure. The chain and metal frame for the pendant are nickel free, sure to keep you from developing skin irritation.

Fingerprint Heart Necklace

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Perhaps the best way to personalize something is to have a physical part of you etched on it. The metal base of the pendant can have your fingerprint on it so that your girlfriend can always have a part of you anywhere she goes. You can choose from three metal plating for this necklace: silver, gold, and rose gold. It also comes with a gorgeous box to keep it safe.

Heart Stretch Bracelet

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A stretch bracelet with heart-shaped, gumdrop-looking charms in various shades of pinks and purples. It’s girly and adorable, reminiscent of early 2000s fashion fad. Each charm is made up glitter-infused resin into thin metallic gold plates. While stretch bracelets are not so much of a thing these days, what good about it that it can fit into any wrist size.

Purple Burst Heart Bracelet

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Straying from the usual plastic or metal accessories, this bracelet is made from ceramic clay. Handmade and shaped into a heart, the choice of luminescent purple and blue with flecks of glowing gold, contrasting the warm brown. It has faux rust details giving it a vintage classic look. It’s perfect for boho chic outfits or just any casual ensemble.

Rainbow Heart Charm Bracelet

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Gypsy style charm bracelet with worn-out gold finish. The charms are heart-shaped, some made of hand-painted resin, some rhinestone-encrusted. This jewelry is perfect for the girl who has a lot of love to give, the girl who never fails to show her devotion towards you. The charms are colorful such that will be your love journey.

Helix Heart Earrings

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If your girl is a little spunky and fancies ear piercings, this delicate heart earring for your helix is eye-catching despite the size. Ear piercings are striking enough and the heart will emphasize it more. The design is also meant for comfortable wear so you will not be feeling any stinging pain.

Pressed Flower Heart Drop Earrings

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Dried flowers encased in resin in the shape of a heart with gold metal. The flowers are real miniature flowers from a garden. It’s a showpiece that will be the talk of the town because of its fresh concept. No worries, the flowers are not cultivated for the sheer purpose of these earrings. Only half-wilted flowers are dried and used to make these.

Heart Crown Ring

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Vintage ring with heart cutouts along the band, studded with swarovski. It can go with any casual and formal look because of it’s romantic appeal. It can be rose-gold filled, gold-filled, white-gold filled, or black rhodium plated. You can also choose other stones to go with the ring.

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