Heart Shaped Food and Food Containers You Can Use on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, we like to spend the whole day with our loved ones, squeezing in as many activities we can do for a whole day. Eating together is also a tradition and some couples choose to cook for themselves and go out on a picnic or stay at home.

Here are some heart shaped food and food containers that have a touch of Valentine’s Day because they are heart-shaped:

Heart-Shaped Clamshell Container

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If you ever did think of going to a park, laying a blanket, and having a romantic picnic with your partner, you will be needing a lot of disposable containers to put in your home-cooked meals. The clamshell containers are made of durable clear plastic. You can also use them to put in handmade chocolates or pastries.

Heart-Shaped Ceramic Bowl

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Ceramic bowls in the shape of a heart. It’s painted with non-toxic pastel colors making them look really cute. The colors are sure not to fade and affect your food so you are guaranteed safe. You can serve your signature pasta dish or a healthy salad in here.

Heart-Shaped Sauce Container

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If you planned a day out and you have snacks with you, you might need some dipping sauces. Your sauces will look like magic potions with the heart-shaped containers with bejeweled caps. These heart shaped food containers come in cute light neon colors as if they came from cartoons.

Heart Shaped Clear Mug

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Clear mug with a heart-shaped hollow to use for your coffee time with bae. The glass is heat-resistant, making them safe from cracking when exposed to high temperature and is also safe if you need your drink chilled. The clear glass makes it look sophisticated and will surely be a frequent display in your dining table.

Heart Cake Pop Shooter

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If you love baking and is planning to make some cake pops for Valentine’s Day, this will give your creations a lovely touch. Making cake pops is easy, you just stack in your cake ingredient, push the little stick at the bottom to get your cake from the container, and you will have mini cakes in the shape of a heart.

Heart Basket

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Need something to put in your wine or candies for your date? This adorable red-painted metal wire basket in the shape of a heart. Presentation counts too, you know? After use, you can put this as a decor for your home so it doesn’t have to go to waste and be hidden in a cabinet.

Heart Sprinkles

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You might want of putting in as much heart shape things for Valentine’s Day. Get this tube of jumbo size heart sprinkles to give your cookies, cupcakes, or chocolates some dash of love. They come in the classic Valentine colors of red and pink.

Deluxe Sweet and Belgian Chocolate Filled Gift Box

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You can eat as much candy on Valentine’s Day which is why you should grab this opportunity to shamelessly hoard for yourself or for sharing with your sweetheart. This box contains 16 different candies ranging from salted caramel, praline, gummies, and many more. They come in Valentine-appropriate shapes like hearts and kissy lips.

Heart Cookies

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If you don’t have time to make a personalized Valentine cookie, you can just order this one and have a personalized message etched on the fondant icing. The cookie base can either be vanilla or chocolate. You are allowed to put in six lines worth of text or 60 characters.

Valentines Pasta

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Many people love a good pasta dish and it’s really one of the most common meals we opt for on Valentine’s Day. Try whipping up a pasta recipe for your love and give it a sweet quirk by using this heart-shaped pasta. These heart shaped foods come in two different colors: pink and white.

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