Beautiful Handmade Wedding Anniversary Cards You Can Buy!

Last updated on March 28th, 2018

Celebrations are festive especially if you are raving for a wedding anniversary.  Since a wedding is a celebration of the union of two loving hearts, each year that the couple is together should be generously celebrated and of course it all starts with a greeting through a wedding anniversary card.  Wedding anniversary cards are all too generic and if you are eyeing for a head turner card that is handmade then you need to see our prepared list below.  These handmade wedding anniversary cards are our top picks among those seen on the web.  They do stand out for a reason that’s why we have them handpicked for you.  Check them out below and see which one would be your best pick.

I Love Being Married

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A handmade gift do stand out among the rest because it is obviously well thought of and prepared in detail. This handmade wedding anniversary card entitled: “I love being married” which shows two loving hearts in the prime of their ages and still celebrating their wedding anniversary together. This card comes with a message on the front which says: "I love being married... It's great to find that one special person you can annoy for the rest of your life." This handmade card is a suits couples who are fond of comic relief and funny yet thoughtful cards for their wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Cheesy Card

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Couple are usually cheesy and romantic when they are together but as we know, the cheesiness in the relationship somehow fades through time. There are husbands or wives who are not that showy or affectionate when it comes to enacting their love for their partner. This anniversary cheesy card is perfect for that person who is not cheesy enough to show their affection towards their partner. This wedding anniversary card comes with a block of cheese as the decoration with hearts cut out. The line does prove the giver’s point of view about cheesiness and you might agree on this one too!

To Have and to Hold

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Simplicity is beauty. If you are looking for a simple yet elegant handmade wedding anniversary card then this “to have and to hold” card is the perfect one for you. The design comes with wedding bells embossed with pearls too. You can remember hearing the wedding bells through the sight of this cards and relive your wedding all over again.

'Til You're Cranky and Old Card

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Let’s admit, a marriage is not only pure bliss there are also times when crankiness kicks in. Sometimes, we can say that we did not sign up for this but since we already made a vow that we will love each other for eternity so might as well enjoy the ride together. This handmade card which says: to have and to hold ‘til you’re cranky and old” is a simple yet meaningful message that you can say to your partner on your wedding anniversary.

Entwined Giraffe card

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There is no space required between two smitten individuals, no wonder they tied the knot! This entwined giraffe card is the best wedding anniversary card for the smitten couple who can’t be separated. Just like the entwined giraffe in this card, their hearts are always connected and should never be bothered! You can customize this card with two names below to make it more personalized.

Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Cake Card

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Weddings are elegant celebrations that comes with lavish preparations too. We can all remember how we are mesmerized by the beautiful wedding cake at the reception. This Mr. and Mrs. Wedding cake card is a simple remembrance of the couple’s beautiful wedding celebration. They can relive their beautiful wedding and reception in their anniversary by simply looking at this handmade wedding anniversary card.

Anniversary Love Card

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The wedding kiss is the first official kiss of the sweethearts as husband and wife. It is full of magic and it embarks the couple’s journey to forever. And now as they celebrate their wedding anniversary, this anniversary love card which shows a loving kiss from a couple with a tag: Happy Anniversary is a simple way to show your partner on your special day.

Happy Marriage Card

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Conversations never seem to end when two hearts are in sync and beating as one. And as you celebrate your wedding anniversary, this happy marriage card is a beautiful way to show how much you care. Simple talks, long conversations are just part of the partnership between the husband and wife that are sealed by love and made perfect by their strong bond for each other as the years pass by.

Another Year Together

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Tying the knot is just the beginning of a long lasting relationship between the husband and wife. If you want to simply greet your partner for another year together then this simple yet refined card with a tied knot as decoration is the suitable card for you. No lavish decoration, just your simple message and your big love for your partner could seal the deal!

Spectacular Together

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It’s always a mystery how two hearts find each other and fall in love. Being married to your most favorite person and worst enemy at the same time is such a mystery for all. This handmade card which says it all, your thankfulness and amusement of finding each other at the same time. Spectacular it is and there is no questions about it.

Always Right Card

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The wife is always right as they say, if you have any doubts then you might be wrong. This funny card showcases how the wife always wins in arguments and insists on being right. This would be a funny yet unique way of greeting your partner a happy wedding anniversary indeed!

Perfect Match Card

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Love sparks in a mysterious way for all. Sometimes we just don’t know why it did not work with anyone else but your partner. On your wedding anniversary, this one of a kind wedding anniversary card would win your partner’s heart for celebrating the spark between you two. You are indeed a perfect match each other and there is no doubts about it. Years of being together is just one of the many evidences that you are made for each other.

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