Handmade Stocking Stuffers For Everyone

Last updated on November 16th, 2020

Christmas morning is every kids’ (and adults) favorite morning throughout the year. Unwrapping gifts is a tradition for every family on Christmas mornings. Other than the gifts under the Christmas tree, families also put up stocking by the fireplace for Santa to fill up with smaller gift goodies.

Here are some special handmade stocking stuffers for kids and adults:

Christmas Soaps

This might be a little weird to give someone but hey, it’s very convenient. Sometimes we realize we’re out of soap just when we’re already in the shower and you have no time to run to the grocery to buy one. This soaps that you receive during the holidays will save your life. You can also get a free toy when the soap is all used up because it has rubber Christmas figures inside. The peppermint fragrance will also keep you smelling fresh.

Knitted Scarves

A scarf is an economical gift for anyone in the family. Besides, you can never have too many knitted scarves to keep you warm through holiday vacations and family reunions. Let your family feel the warmth of your love with this beautiful handmade scarf.

Witty Coffee Mug

The witty banter on the cup is perfect for your coffee-loving (or cocoa-loving) family member! We all know we can’t pester mom and dad for raise in our allowance in the morning until they finished their first cup of coffee. Eep. They’d appreciate this gift because you will show them that know their coffee rules in the morning (and that gives you more chances of getting that raise).

Wool Slippers

Spending holidays with the family is all about comfort. And this pair of handmade wool slippers is perfect when you just want to lounge around the house, watching Christmas movies with the family. It’s super soft and comfortable that it will just let your weary feet rest from all the shoes you’ve been wearing prior to the holidays.

“Give Me Wine” Socks

For your wine-loving mom or aunt, gift them this cozy pair of socks to keep their toes warm while sipping a glass of wine. There’s no shame in loving wine even if you’re a mom who has her hands full with your family. They deserve the break from the all-year duty of running the household, don’t you think?

Marble Phone Case

A phone case is an essential to keep our phones from getting scratches and giving it some sort of cushion in case you accidentally drop it. This prevents from decreasing the value of your phone when you want to resell it in order to buy a newer model. And who says you can’t pick stylish mobile phone cases? Printed and handmade phone cases are the rave these days. This marble pattern is one of the best sellers as it makes your phone appear more expensive and elegant.

Luggage Tag

This is for that family member who is always out of the country and going on adventures. Pretty sure they have some stories of losing their luggage or mixing up their luggage with someone else. This personalized and handmade luggage tag will prevent such situations. Who knows? They might bring back some exotic trinkets from abroad for you in return for gifting them this luggage tag.

Constellation Notebook

Bullet journals became popular these recent years. It’s a personalized way of making journals where you make your own designs using craft materials. All you need is a plain notebook (as opposed to ready-made printed journals). And constellation had also been a popular art design lately with its enchanting appeal. Your sister or cousin will love to receive this for Christmas if she loves making DIY. What with the new year also approaching, she will use this journal as soon and as much as possible.

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