What is Half-Birthday and Some Half-Birthday Gift Ideas?

Last updated on November 16th, 2018

Birthdays are something that we all look forward to every year especially when we are still children because the parties and the presents are the highlights of our days and we get to eat everything that we want including those coveted ice cream, chocolates, and lots of candies. We are even allowed to stay late into the night, rummaging through the gifts that we have received or playing around with new toys.

What Are Half-Birthdays?

Well, maybe you don’t know but there is such a thing called as half-birthdays! Basically, a half-birthday is the day roughly around six (6) months before or after the date of your birth.  Usually, it is calculated by counting 6 months backward or forward from the said birthday, but this is usually less efficient, as it could potential give you a date such as February 30, which is not on the calendar. Thus, it is more effective to add or subtract the date of your birth from the half the number of days in a common year, 182.5 days, or 183 days if it’s a leap year.

Some people celebrate it because one day isn’t enough? Maybe. But because the date of birth is near a special event or a holiday such as Christmas or New Year, which could eclipse the celebration for the person’s birthday.

What Gifts Should I Get For Half-Birthdays?

Some Half-Birthday Gift Ideas You Should Try

Something fun and witty, of course! Anything less would be a shame and this is a special kind of celebration, which you can even use for a proposal or other type of surprises, so keep it simple, but really thoughtful. Don’t worry, here’s a little list just for you!

Half Love Heart Couple Pendant

A Cute BFF Half-Birthday Gift Ideas!

Here is a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant cut into halves, so that you and your best friend could wear each one as friendship promise jewelry. It’s also really pretty despite having simple design but the stainless steel guarantee that allergies could be averted and that both of you can wear permanently because water would not hurt them that much, even in long-term exposure.

So if you have a friend that you really are thankful for having, you can surprise him or her by giving this necklace on the day of his or her half-birthday. They would surely be touched that you even celebrated a day that everybody considers as ordinary.

My Half, Your Half Pillowcases

After celebrating a friendship with the above mentioned necklace, now it’s time to celebrate over with this “My Half, Your Half” pillowcases, and surprise your partner with a new pillowcase that would clearly describe your sleeping space and patterns as you lay down in bed to sleep. This gift is pretty simple, but it’s also really personal so your partner would certainly appreciate this one.

Half-colored Throw Pillow

Something Half as a Half-Birthday Present!

So you celebrated half-birthdays together with a friend and a partner, it’s time to celebrate either for yourself or for a person who deserve this comfortable and eye-catchy half-colored throw pillow just for himself or herself.

This gift is another simple one, but again, it’s thoughtful, because we deserve to find the perfect pillow to snuggle against during cold weather or just that time when we are so tired from all our responsibilities from work or school. And it’s totally practical since it can be used in every day life so you know that it’s worth your money.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full Plaque

There are many trying times in our lives and 2016 is said to be a year full of unfortunate events and so many deaths, so maybe it’s time to celebrate someone’s half-birthday this coming 2017 with this Plaque, which can be displayed at home as an every day reminder to the celebrant that someone wishes them all the best, because someone truly cares for them.

His and Hers Matching Pendant Necklace

Hal-Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Love

Half-birthdays are so unique because it is mostly unexpected and almost never celebrates these days, thus, your partner would be delighted when you surprises him or her with a thoughtful gift. It means that you are always finding a way to make your partner happy and goes on your way to find an event to celebrate together.

So give your special someone with this matching necklace, which can serve as your promise jewelry, a symbol of love. It can even be used for a simple confession of your feelings with someone and if he or she accepts then it’s going to be a win-win situation.

Venetian Masquerade Lace Eye-Mask

Half Gifts for Half Birthday!

Honestly, you can spoil yourself with this gift suggestion during your own half-birthday celebration, because it’s a really sexy and just an utterly beautiful mask! This is going to make a stunning Halloween costume and can even be used for formal gatherings and masquerade balls a sit would make any girl feel especially beautiful.

Out/Top Foot & Toes Alignment Socks

There are days when the temperatures would just suddenly drop ad yet we cannot just stop going outside just because of the cold, so we work and work and move around until our feet is cramping from the cold. Then late at night, you would feel the pain as your overworked toes keep cramping and arthritis attacks your poor joints.

Avoid that torture on your toes and get this for you own half-birthday or for someone who is plagued by toe or feet pain as this socks acts like your own personal physical therapist as it helps straighten out each of the toe muscles, which then helps your feet completely relax. Plus, it’s going to warm you up so good!

Half Pint Clear Glass

This is a funny and at the same time, witty gift! You can probably give this to an adult family member, such as your dad or grandfather, and they would certainly find it hilarious that the glass is literally in half!

Seriously though, look at that half-pint glass and you would not be able to hold back a smile, because of the vertical cut. You can also use this to control excessive drinking.

Secret Paper Message Pills

Touching Half-Birthday Gift Ideas!

Aww, you can make somebody cry with this gift. Just order this one and you would get several capsule “pills” that you can open in half, with each halves painted in different colors, and then you would find a roll of tiny paper inside.

This is where you would write you secret message for someone. It can be something witty, an inside joke or just plain greeting—it’s totally up to you!

Clear Glass Half-Round Wall Hanging Terrarium

Homes today have less and less space than the ones sold before, thus, you got to learn how to conserve each space or you would end up with more things than room space. So, you cannot simply buy that large pot for your plant, because you need to be practical.

Now, you can solve this dilemma with this hanging terrarium, which of course is shaped as a half-circle, and someone would be happy for this thoughtful home décor. They can just place a non-living plant or they can actually nurture a small plant.

Birthdays As A Grown Up

It is really precious to be a child with so much enthusiasm for everything, because as we grow older, we have less and less time to worry about our birthdays because of hectic schedules, but we still wait for the people to greet us and treat us extra special for a whole day. It also gives us the reason to take some time off, when we usually won’t, because we got to spend some time with our families and friends.

Sometimes, our birthdays give us the perfect excuse to finally carve that alone time for ourselves without feeling guilty of playing hooky when there are so much we have to do and finish. If only it’s not only for a day, huh?

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