The Best Looking Gypsy Jewelry Money Can Buy

Last updated on June 11th, 2018

Whenever the word gypsy is uttered, we automatically envisions an image of a fortune teller with a crystal ball and this lady filled with various accessories.  Gypsies are often presented as such like what we see in the movies but their existence is much more than a nomadic tribe who loves to move from one place to the other.  Gypsies are also called as Roma because some people believed that they came from Romania but the truth is the ancient gypsies originally came from Punjab, India.  No wonder, the gypsies have similarities with Indian’s fashion sense especially in jewelry.  If you want to surprise the love of your life with some gypsy jewelry but is clueless on what to gift her then you should check out our top picks from Amazon and Etsy below for your perusal.

Knuckle Nail Ring Set

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Giving a ring to your lady may signify or symbolize your love for her but gifting her this knuckle nail ring set would suddenly turn her hand into a gypsy’s hand when worn. The knuckle nail ring set contains ten stacking rings of different designs such as vintage moon, tear drop, elephant, flowers and more. The material of this gypsy jewelry set is made from alloy. Your lady love can wear this knuckle nail ring set in any occasion and she would certainly be a stunner for sure.

Gypsy-Style Mood Ring

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This mood ring is like a miniature fortune teller’s crystal ball just like what gypsies are often seen with. This ring changes its color depending on the mood of its wearer. The mood ring has a glass mood stone that changes its color whenever the emotions of the wearer changes, this would give you a clue if your lady love is angry, upset or happy. It’s like seeing her emotions at her finger which would make your life easier when you are having a hard time understanding her. The mood ring is based on sterling silver which is handmade and intricately designed for your convenience.

Bangles Stack

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Gypsies are known for having interesting and eye catchy accessories on their body. Gypsies are seen to have one of a kind jewelries from head to toe that’s why you can easily identify them because of such. The gypsy’s arm is often seen with bangles and these bangles are usually stacking, the more the merrier as they say. This bangle stack of various colors can give your woman a gypsy feel whenever she wears this stack. She can use this to accessorize her wardrobe from casual to semi-formal attire. She would certainly be the light of the party when she gets in the room wearing such stunning bangles on her arm.

Gypsy Soul Bracelet

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Your lady love may be a wanderer just like a gypsy but she wants to keep it as minimal as possible when it comes to her accessories then this gypsy soul bracelet would be perfect for her. This gypsy soul bracelet is made from hypoallergenic materials that is best for the ladies who have sensitive skin. The design is handmade in aluminum. The adventure seeker girl that you love would be charmed by this simple yet meaningful bracelet that you would give.

Gypsy Necklace

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If you want something different for your adventurous lady love then this gypsy necklace would do the trick. This gypsy necklace is a gold tattoo which looks like a necklace from a far. The application is easy to do as it only needs to be applied on a clean and dry area of the skin. This would look great in parties and this would certainly be a conversation starter for many. The materials is made from gold temporary tattoos that can be removed as you please.

Adventure Awaits Necklace

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We do know that a gypsy is a wanderer. The gypsy travels from one place to another because of business or other reasons it may entail. If you have a lady love who is also a wanderlust just like a gypsy then this necklace with an interesting pendant would be perfect for her. This adventure awaits necklace makes your wanderlust lady be more motivated as she sees the beautiful pendant with the map of the world as background. Your lady can take a whole bite of the world as she pleases and travel as she wishes and take this beautiful necklace and wear around her neck as she takes another adventure after the other. This necklace runs in a 24 inch chain with a handcrafted pendant enclosed in an antique bronze tray.

Compass Pendant

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If your lady is a wanderer just like a gypsy then this compass pendant necklace would be suitable for her. This compass pendant has an engraved quote which says: “not all who wander are lost”. Just like a gypsy, your woman loves to travel from one place to the other without any fuss. For the love of travel and fashion, this compass pendant would be perfect for her! This compass pendant is made from antique silver compass charm with a hand stamped design. The chain runs for up to thirty two inches.

Vintage Necklace Choker Coin

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A gypsy is often seen with a thick choker necklace around her neck. The more elaborate it is the more eye catchy she gets. This vintage necklace choker coin is a fine necklace that would certainly wow your girl. She would love wearing this to give her outfit a certain gypsy glow that would make her more interesting and one of a kind. This vintage necklace choker coin is made from alloy, the color is presented in silver and gold which makes it classy and fun at the same time. The necklace chain runs up to twenty inches while the width of this necklace is more than four inches. The necklace is not that heavy at all for it only weighs 240 grams.

Sri Yantra Necklace

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Based on ancient history, gypsies are originally from India which makes their fashion sense more on the Hindu influence. The lavish and eye catchy design of their jewelries are one of a kind which makes them remarkable. This Sri Yantra necklace is made by interlocking triangles which means an instrument of wealth in Hindu tradition. We often see gypsies wearing necklaces such as this. This Sri Yantra necklace is made from brass, the pendant measures 3.8 cm in diameter while the necklace chain runs up to 76 cm.

Gold Hoop Earrings

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Gold hoop earrings are often seen worn by gypsies in most films that we do see. The bigger the hoop earrings are the more emphasize it brings to her ears. This pair of gold hoop earrings is handmade and is uniquely crocheted which makes it more beautiful and such a head turner. Although this pair of earrings is extra-large in size, the earrings are perfectly light weight for the wearer. This gold hoop earrings is made from gold filled metal which makes it look sophisticated when worn.

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