Self Care and Grooming Gifts for Teen Boys

You have been through adolescence period as well and you know for a fact that physical changes is one of the most confusing and complicated challenges of this time in your life, however, life is about to get even more difficult due to the horrible, horrible breakouts on your face. Your teen boy is bound to experience the same challenge, because no one can really stop the imbalances of the hormones and chemicals in his body, which would persists for almost half a decade or more, so you got to help him clean up this mess that his hormones are wreaking on his face and body by giving grooming gifts for teen boys.

It is quite damaging for your teen boy’s self-esteem and confidence when he has a body odor that seemingly won’t go away or the oiliness that makes his face shine all day or the bad acne breakouts that won’t leave his face alone, so if you can do it, take preventive measures as soon as you can and guide him through body “rituals” to him clean and fresh.

Nice Smelling Deodorant

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As your teen boy grows up, his bodily functions would get activated and he would be perspiring more now than when is merely a child, especially underneath his arms. Therefore, most teenagers, especially those who are unaware of what is happening in their body, develops a body odor, which is kind of hard to get rid of once it has started to plagued an individual, so be more alert and take preventive measures to avoid a bad smell that is can be cause for his lack of self-confidence and damaged self-esteem.

An Electronic Toothbrush

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Sometimes, teen boys are so addicted with their gadgets, video games, friends, and maybe even academic stuff that he has become far too lazy to get to the bathroom before bedtime so he can brush his teeth. Emphasize that it is disgusting to not brush his teeth before going to bed because bacteria can invade his mouth overnight and that cavities are just waiting to attack his white teeth. Before he regrets it, buy him an electronic toothbrush because it is much more effective and faster to use.

Dove Men Oxygen-Charge Shampoo

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As much as your teen boy’s body is perspiring now that he has grown up in his adolescence, his scalp would also sweat more than it used to, so your teen boy would need to be reminded that he has to clean his head twice as vigorously as before. Aside from putting on aromatic shampoo on his hair and scalp, he should also focus on thorough rinsing well, because shampoo suds that are consistently left behind on his head can be a cause of dandruff and other scalp-problems.

A Manly Body Scrubber (Axe Shower Tool)

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Taking a shower and scrubbing himself with his bare hands is not as effective as using a body scrubber, which is definitely going to remove excess oils and dirt, that has come from pollutants from the time he has spent outside, on his body. Giving your teen boy with a body scrubber would be hygienic since he would feel more fresh and cleaner at the same time. Remind him, always, that he should not be lazy when it comes to personal hygiene, because no one likes a smelly person and the more he does not clean himself properly, the more chances that he would get sick because of bacteria’s aggregation.

Hair Dryer (Mangroomer Series)

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Air drying the hair is commonplace for boys because they are not yet so concerned about hair styles, except for some gelling in order to shape their hair according to their preferences, but that would come only in his latter adolescent year. Drying his hair using a hair dryer is bound to make him feel like he is only wasting his time, especially during early teenage years, but you have to insists that he dry his hair off first before leaving home, because the more wet his hair is, the faster the pollutants from the outside would adhere on his head, therefore, making him feel sticky and also cause a bad smell after a long day because of the accumulation of bacteria in his scalp.

Nail Clipping Set

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Clip those nails away! He is a teen boy now so he has to properly groom himself especially when it comes to his nails, which he has to watch out for or he will find himself sporting long nails. Give him a nail clipper so that he would not forget to cut his nails to avoid getting dirt and accumulating bacteria underneath an overgrown nail. Also, it is considered by the society as not so masculine when teen boys have long nails, and so he would get teased for having one, which as a teen boy would feel serious to him, eventually it would wreak havoc in his self-confidence. So don’t let a long nail escalate further and give him a nail clipper.

ExfoliatingFacial Scrub for Men

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Acne breakouts are common in teenagers and so you have to make sure that he is well taken care of when it comes to facial grooming and hygiene, because if he does not clean his face well after a long day outside of your home, then he would make his face a ground zero for bacteria and dirt to accumulate onto, which would eventually lead to a full-blown breakout problem that is difficult to get rid of and one of the reasons why a teenager gets depressed. Help him in keeping his face break-out free by giving him a facial scrub that guarantees a blooming face despite all the hormonal changes inside his body.

Face and Body Powder for Men

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A little powder on his face before he leaves can also make a difference on whether or not an acne breakout would happen. Powdering his face adds a little more protection between his skin and the pollutants from the outside, you merely have to find out what fits his skin type the most so that you would not give him a powder that causes an allergic reaction.

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