Gourgeous Greek Jewelry for a Greek Goddess You!

Last updated on June 11th, 2018

Whenever you hear the pickup line: “are you from Greece because you look like a goddess” you might think that people from there must be good looking after all!  Based on the Roman and Greek history, gods and goddesses did come from their countries.  They are looked up to due to the beauty, strength and power that they have.  Jewelry has been part of the Greek history as well since jewelry is passed down through generation.  Greek jewelries such as necklaces, rings, brooches, headdresses and more were dedicated and offered to the gods during the Hellenistic era.  There has been evidences of this practice when the archaeologists have recovered hoard of such that were believed from the Hellenistic time.  Deceased bodies are also buried with their jewelries because they were worn during the lifetime of the departed.  If your lady love is a big fan of the Greek culture would like to be a Greek goddess for once then try to surprise her with an elegant Greek jewelry from the top finds that we have from the list below.

Greek Phaistos Disc Necklace

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One of my favorite movies is My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I remember the dad there who is always referring that everything came from Greek words etc. For him there is no greater country than his very own which is Greece. You could see the ladies wearing stylish and unique Greek jewelries there and one of which that I remember was this Greek Phaistos disc design. The Phaistos disc is one of the ancient Greek mystery for the meaning and the purpose of its design remain disputed. This necklace may give an instant Greek glow to your girl as the golden pendant shines on her. This necklace is made from 24 gold plated material and is made straight from Greece.

Mercury Pendant

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Micro-sculpturing technique can be done in jewelries too and one perfect example of this strategy is this Grecian pendant. The pendant depicts the beauty and youth of a Grecian couple at their youth. This necklace is indeed a head turner and a perfect conversation starter. This Greek jewelry is made from sterling silver, it can accent her casual clothes or even her formal wear just ensure to place it in an appropriate chain such as a silver or gold chain for formal wear and leather or rubber string for her casual wardrobe.

Laurel Wreath Necklace

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Make your muse feel like a Greek goddess instantly by gifting her this laurel wreath necklace. This elegant laurel wreath necklace is made from gold filled frame of 16 karats with an accent of a charcoal grey teardrop crystal that makes the wreath even more eye catchy. The leaves of the wreath is made from tiny gold leaves which makes it a charming jewelry that will rest on her gorgeous long neck. This necklace chain length can be selected based on your preference upon check out while the pendant measures an inch and half.

Lost City of Atlantis Necklace

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We all heard about the mystery of the sunken city of Atlantis. Actually, there are evidences nowadays that surfaces and this makes us even more excited to know that the folklore might just be true after all. This necklace has an interesting pendant which bears the symbol of the lost city of Atlantis. This necklace runs for up to 24 inches in length while the pendant measures up to 25mm. The chain is made from silver which makes it a universal accessory that can be worn in almost any wardrobe.

Greek Key Bracelet

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If your lady love is a big fan of gold jewelry but would like to have something different then this Greek key bracelet would be perfect for her. This bracelet is made from 14 karats yellow gold which is beautifully crafted as inspired by the Greek key design. This bracelet runs up to seven and a quarter inch long while the width measures half an inch. This would be perfect for formal wear or even for any occasion.

Phi Beta Bar Bracelet

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Sisters are not only bound by blood, we can also find it in friends. The Phi Beta bar bracelet is a perfect sorority bracelet gift for the charming sisters by heart. This bar bracelet has the Greek letters of Phi Beta Phi. If you are a lover boy, you can also surprise your girl by gifting her this Greek bar bracelet to make her feel like she is your one and only Grecian goddess. This bar bracelet runs for up to seven inches in length while the bar is hand stamped and crafted carefully. This bracelet can be worn in any occasion that she pleases.

Ancient Greek Cuff Bracelet

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Greek gods and goddesses are often seen with cuff bracelets as their accessories. You can make your woman feel like a Grecian muse by gifting her this ancient Greek cuff bracelet. This Greek jewelry is elegantly designed and hammered intricately by hands. The cuff bracelet will surely rock her cocktail dress or even her sporty attire. The cuff bracelet measures 25 mm.

Greek Key Ring

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The Greek key ring is a sterling silver ring with a charming blue opal at the middle. The fabulous design is inspired by the Greek key pattern which makes it an elegant gift that comes in a black leather box too. The base of this ring is made from rhodum plated sterling silver which makes it shiny and alluring. Your lady love can wear this in any occasion that she pleases for this one would never go out of style!

Elegant Leaf Headband

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Flower crowns are popular nowadays but there is this elegant leaf headband that is also making some scenes in the celebrity world. Posh spice was seen wearing this and she suddenly looked like a Greek goddess! Your girl can be a goddess too when she gets to wear this elegant leaf headband. This headband resembles the leaf band of the Greek gods and goddesses from the ancient times.

Hamsa Hand Jewelry Set

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The Hamsa hand jewelry set comes with a necklace and a pair of earrings of the same design. The Hamsa hand is believed by the Greeks to be bring good luck and protects the wearer from the evil eye. The necklace chain runs up to 60 cm while the pendant has a diameter of 0.2mm. The pair of earrings come in the size of 3 cm. The design is made from natural Turquoise stone while the chain and the base is made from silver plated antique alloy. She can wear this Greek jewelry in any occasion she prefers and this would be a conversation starter for sure!

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