Bravo! Nine Great Gift Ideas for Singers

Last updated on November 25th, 2020

Because not all of us are blessed with the capability to sing like an angel, why not express an appreciation to a friend who sings? Whether it is his or her birthday, Christmas or they just landed a contract to create an album (congrats, now make money!) it is never a bad time to give your singer friend a gift.

Here are nine great gift ideas for singers.

Music Pendant

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Your musically inclined friend will love to wear this on her neck. This cute pendant has a G-clef and some musical notes on the pendant and is made of high quality metal that makes it durable for long jewellery life. It also comes with the inspirational quote from Beethoven, "Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks, & invents." This is a perfect gift for a singer, as well as musicians and music teachers.

Guitar Pick Maker

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Does your singer also play the guitar? Then this handy dandy tool will be his personal best friend (except from you). This nifty guitar pick puncher can make a guitar pick of plastic cards, old ATM and credit cards, used prepaid cards or that unwanted business card in his wallet. No more buying guitar picks from music stores. Just look for an old plastic card, one punch and your music-loving friend is back to jamming!

1000 Song Writing Ideas

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If your singer friend is looking to write their own songs, then this will help immensely. The 1000 Song Writing Ideas is… you guessed it, filled with ideas that will get creative juices flowing to spark a train of though to create good, beautiful music from the lyrics to the melodies. Do not get this book wrong, this is not a “how-to” music, but rather a book that bounces different song ideas on your head until something sticks. Then, if an idea sticks, you have to work it.

Elvis Heat-Changing Mug

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Many singers have had Elvis one of their inspirations for his music, moves and of course, famous achievements. If your friend loves music and Elvis Presley, then get his this Elvis Mug. This is a perfect gift idea for the singer who also happens to love coffee. This coffee mug transforms the Vegas Elvis to Memphis Elvis when hot liquid is poured into the mug. It is magic, I tell you!

PVZ Singing Sunflower

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While this sunflower plant does not produce sunlight to fight off zombies, your musician friend can put this in her car and have it dance to the tune of “Zombies on Your Lawn”. This PVZ-officially licensed electronic singing sunflower will bring instant happiness! Just add some batteries and the plant will sing and dance while your singer friend drives to her gig. Perfect for unwinding a stressed out singer, just keep this away from zombies.

G-Clef Earrings

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Another beautiful jewellery for an equally beautiful singer! This G-Clef earring will surely look good on your singer friend’s ears while she sings at her gig. This gold treble clef earrings measure around an inch long and is accented with rhinestones so they will shine while she is on stage. This will make her look extra beautiful, so be prepared to fend of paparazzi!

Notes Charm Bracelet

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Even super famous singers like Mariah Carey have been seen trotting charm bracelets like this! The simple design is just perfect for your music-loving singer friend and she will use this the next time she goes out with you! The design of the notes and the treble clef is just adorable and it shines perfectly under lights. This bracelet is adjustable at 6.5” to 7.5” so it can comfortably fit the singer’s wrist. This is a great gift for a talented musician.

Mushroom LED Lamp and Speakers

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Now, a singer has to listen to a lot of music, right? From his inspirations to experimental musicians, a singer has to continually learn from others. They can do that with this super cute Bluetooth mushroom speakers and LED lamp. Imagine this, as soon as the singer receives this gift, they will use it to play their favourite artists while having his room lighted up. Then when he finishes, he can just tap the mushroom head to close the lights and it is off to dreamland for him. Too perfect!

Treble Tote Bag

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This tote bag is stylish and beautiful. The huge Treble Clef print makes this bag a cool gift idea for singers and musicians alike. I bet she will use it when she goes outside to show loud and proud that she loves music.

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