Ten Great Gift Ideas Policemen Would Love to Have

Last updated on November 26th, 2018

The service of the policeman is a valuable one: he protects us from harm, keeps us confident that someone will watch over us and keep the people with evil intentions away. Isn’t it time to give back to that policeman that helps us? Whether it is the policeman appreciation day, his birthday or Christmas, you will surely find something great in this list of ten gift ideas for policemen.

Police Complaint Mug

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This will make even the grumpiest policeman laugh! This gag gift is a great idea to give the policeman who works at the front desk. Just imagine the looks of people falling in line to report something. Hilarious!

Boob Inspector Badge

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A great gag gift idea for the policeman. This can become a source of fun and jokes from the police office on days when it is slow. Let the funny moments begin with this funny gift for a law enforcer. This can also become a source of sexy time if given to someone intimate.

Police Crime Scarf

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When you’re a fashionable law enforcer is on her days off, you can be sure she will wear this super cute and funny police crime scarf. Not only that she will look dangerously stylish, this fashion accessory will say “no touching the evidence!” when someone tries to grope her. This is a great gift idea for the policewoman.

Policeman Uniform Cookie Jar

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If your policeman likes to snack when he is not on the job, then he would love something to put his tasty treats in. This super cute policeman boots and hat cookie jar is not just creative; it also resembles most uniforms of law enforcers. This is a great gift idea that he can put in the policemen’s pantry or just at home. Awesome present!

Police Humor Book

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Give your police officer the gift of a sense of humor with one of these Police Humor handbook. Your law enforcer buddy will have a great time reading this book as it contains lots of anecdotes about the life in law enforcement as well as strange but true-to-life police reports. He will be laughing his butt off in no time with this little book.

SWAT Barbecue Apron

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This tactical apron looks like the SWAT uniform he wears during dangerous missions! The only difference is when he wears this Tactical Apron, instead of a most wanted criminal; he will tackle the barbecue grill! This dangerously awesome manly apron can hold a few different tools on it so that he does not have to fumble on a table and knock over everything. He will be as efficient as he is on field when he wears this Tactical Apron. This is the perfect gift idea for the SWAT officer who cooks on his days off.

Crime Scene Pan Rack

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For the policeman who cooks during his days off, you can give him one of these pan holders. It looks like someone squashed the little guy with a huge pan and now left a small crime scene! This pan rack will help preserve his precious kitchen counter, at the same time show his criminology side even on the kitchen! This gift idea is perfect for the policeman who cooks a lot.

My Dad Catches Bad Guys Baby Onesie

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For the policeman who has a baby, this is the perfect gift idea. The onesie if cute and comfy and it has the print, “My Dad Catches Bad Guys” plus a police car, honouring his dad’s thankless job. This baby onesie comes in different colors. You might want to give the policeman dad more than one. This is a great Father’s day gift idea, too, don’t you think?

Donut Mug

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Policemen are known for their love of donuts and coffee, so why not combine both and give your police officer friend this donut mug? It is cute and will make him chuckle a little, and it is functional as it was meant to be -- hold coffee! It is a fun way to have a morning cuppa joe.

Fuzzy Handcuffs

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If you are in an intimate relationship with the police officer, you can give them a nice gag gift, like these fuzzy handcuffs. Along with the lines “Arrest me, police officer sir!”, this could make him chuckle and expect to use this after he gets out of work. Wink wink!

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