The Best Touching Gifts for Your Godparents

Having children of your own is really life changing and when you are a first-time parent, then you would certainly need all the help you can get in trying to raise your kid. After all, each moment in your child’s life is crucial and you would definitely want to surround him or her with all the right influencers and an environment that would ensure a holistic growth and this includes choosing the godparents during baptism.

Although there are already non-religious take about being a godparent, it still usually focuses about spiritual growth of the godchild, so any parent would be grateful for those brave souls that have readily agreed to take on the role of being a godparent. So it’s only right to give your chosen godparents a gift to show your appreciation of their presence in your child’s life.

However, if you are already a grown-up godchild of your beloved godparents and wanted to give them a present in return for all that they have done for you, then you can scroll along as well to find the perfect gift for them.

Willow Tree Guardian Angel

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There is no gift that quite similar with this sculpted figurine of Willow Tree Guardian Angel, because it is bursting with meaning and speaks of high regard for the receiver. It also comes in an elaborate box that shows just how much you appreciate your godparents for their efforts. The Willow Tree Guardian Angel is also a symbol of peace, love, and inspiration, which serves as an intimate symbol of healing and of treasuring relationships, always wishing of all that is good in the world.

Nat and Jules Frame, Godparen

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This picture frame is able to hold a 4x6 vertical photo with an inscription at the side reading: “A godparent is a special gift of love, blessed by god above, a guiding hand of love, faith and encouragement." It is definitely another intimate gift that showcases deep appreciation for the responsibility that the godparents have bravely undertaken. You may place a family picture here with the newborn baby or a picture of the baby with his or her godparent. It is also gift-ready since it comes in a gift-wrapped box.

Godparent Gift from Godchild Wall Plaque

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A godparent definitely deserves receiving a plaque of acknowledgement and appreciation so why don’t you get them this wall plaque that they could proudly display at their home? Every time they think that they probably shouldn’t be a godparent or if they are having any doubts about their worth in life, they would just need to look at their wall and see the inscription in order to cheered up!

Godparent’s Sentimental Card

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A sentimental card that seems as if your newborn child is the one that is already talking and asking for guidance to his or her godparents, it would be a touching gift while you are asking someone to be a godmother or godfather to you child. It expresses gratefulness and love, because only an amazing person would take up the challenge of being a guardian angel someone with so much willingness and tender care.

Godmothers Are Special Because They Are Chosen Bracelet

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What can you give to them that they can wear and at the same time remind them that they are godparents now? Well, look nothing further than an engraved bracelet like this one! What makes this really ideal is aside from the sentimental value and meaning, the engraving is done in the inside of the bracelet, so they can totally pair this with any outfit for any occasion, considering that it’s in silver color!

Godparents Mug

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After the christening is over and the godparent is already back in the comforts of their homes, you might want to get something that would allow them to always remember their new favorite godchildren by buying a statement mug. It has a simplistic but highly artistic design, each one would suit a godfather and godmother in their own way, so they can now sip their coffee in the morning in style!

Photo Ornaments

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Where can you find a unique gift that they can utilize as an ornament for their homes? There is this personalized ornament that they can hang anywhere and can even become part of Christmas decoration if that day comes along. You may choose the color and the picture that you would like to include in the ornament.

Godparent Cross Pin

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At the day of baptism, you may want to give this cross pin to the godparents of you child, because aside from the religious significance and the intimate meaning of the cross pin, it is also a form of aesthetic and can also function as a brooch especially for the godmother’s dress and even add some charm in the godfather’s suit.

Godparent Wine Glasses

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Well, kids grow up and they tend to go through the adolescent stage where you just don’t know how to handle them and the mood swings that follow, so the godparents would have another huge role in trying to guide them in order to have a holistic personal growth, but in anticipation of all that stress, give a goofy letter and this wine glass to the godparents. It would make them laugh that you thought so far in the future and also give them a wine glass that they can use when they want to sip some wine to relax.

Godmother Satement Shirt

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Proud godmother would surely be delighted when she receives a statement shirt like this and the fabric of this shirt is soft and comfortable so she can definitely wear this anywhere.

Godfather Statement Shirt

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To compliment the godmother’s shirt, here is a shirt for the one and only godfather with a design that is inspired to the American mafia movie The Godfather. It also comes in different colors so you may choose his favorite one.

Tower of Sweets

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Everyone has a sweet tooth and during the height of stress, even those who hate sweets would turn to a tower of chocolates for comfort food. As a gift of appreciation, give the godparents a tower of sweets that they can munch with for days because it’s so sweet of them to try to become a second parent to your child.

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