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Last updated on March 15th, 2018

They say that having an SLR camera does not turn you into a photographer. I tend to agree. You need to have an eye for spotting an art in motion and fast enough reflexes to capture it on camera. That is why photographers and photojournalists are special. Do you have a photographer or photojournalist who is celebrating an event in his life? Or did a photographer do you a huge favor and want to express your gratitude? You can express your love for them through a nice little present. Here are ten gifts for photographers and photojournalists which they will absolutely love.

DSLR Thermos

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This is a super fun novelty gift idea for a photography lover! Many photographers are also coffee lovers so why not give them something really unique to carry their packed caffeine around? This DSLR Thermos looks like a real camera lens; with details like stabilization switch, autofocus switch, distance information window that can fool even the most seasoned photographer. It can hold a lot of liquid, too, around 10 oz of caffeine. Now your photography friend can bring his cuppa joe while working in style, with this DSLR camera lens thermos.

Flexible Tripod

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One of the most frustrating part of a photographer's job is taking images when there is no stable stand to put their tripod on. Thankfully clever flexible tripods exists. These cool looking tripods have legs that can contour and bend to accommodate uneven surfaces or to grip ledges, tree branches or wires. Your photography geek will love this gift idea.

iPhone Camera Lens

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What if a photographer is off work and then is approached by a shot-worthy scene? There will be no missed moments even without a DSLR thanks to an iPhone and this super cool camera lens you can attach to iPhones. A photographer can focus into a far away subject just using his smart phone! Super nifty tool.

Waterproof Camera Backpack

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This waterproof camera backpack is a great gift idea for the traveling photographer. If your special friend loves to get out and explore the world for shot-worthy endeavors, something to protect his camera is important. Try this rucksak. It is fashionable, is made of durable but oh-so-comfy canvass and will do its job as a water-proof container for a cam.

Camera Belt Holster

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A photographer will one time or another experience neck pains due to the neck strap of cameras. The solution? This super cool and innovative belt holster for cameras. No more neck pain cause by heavy tools hanging on your neck!

Camra Film Toilet Paper Holder

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If you were born in the 80's (or earlier) you will remember these films that were used with the grandfathered cameras we used to use until the 90's. These were then sent to the photo shop (a real shop, not the software) to get developed and printed. If your photographer friend once owned one of these film cameras then he will love this toilet paper holder that looks like a film holder. This is super cute and will bring him nostalgia when he sees it.

Camera Ring

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What to gift a female photographer? A nice jewelry that looks like a camera will be a great idea! This camera ring will look good wrapped around her fingers. Your lady photographer friend will love this because it will create conversations and warm friendships.

Camera USB Drive

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One of the most important tools in the photographer's arsenal is the laptop and his USB drive. This way, he can store his precious photo collections and transfer them to clients who are awaiting his works. What better way to show his love for photography than this cute and funny camera USB drive? It looks like a Cannon DSLR but the lens can be removed, revealing a 4 gig USB drive inside.

"I Shoot People" Shirt

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Oh no no1 This is not a serial killer's shirt. I shoot people is a funny shirt that describes the photographer's job... shooting people with their cams. This shirt also has a camera print on the text, so the police won't be alerted by this punny gift shirt.

Camera Necklace

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This is another great camera jewellery gift for a female photographer. This will help the photography-loving lady express her love for her craft while looking quite fashionable. It looks great!

6 DIY Photography Gift Ideas!

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Want to do a labor of love or don't have a lot of money? Try one of these six photography do-it-yourself gift ideas. Your photographer will love your creativity! Out of these six photography DIY crafts, we love the panorama lamp the most. It turns on the romantic mood!

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