The Coolest Gifts for Moms of Twins

Last updated on March 23rd, 2018

Having a baby is such a blessed feeling but imagine what it would be like if you would have twins? Twin babies mean double the joy and of course double the responsibilities.  Oh well, life is indeed full of surprises! If you know someone who would be or is already a mom of twins and would like to surprise her with a gift or two on Mother’s day (or Christmas, or her birthday) but are totally clueless on what would be right fit, you can check out this list of gifts for moms of twins that we have prepared below to help you out.

Twin Nursing Pillow

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Breastfeeding is good for babies but what if the two get hungry at the same time? Good thing there is this twin nursing pillow which is made especially for twins. Now, the mom of twins can breastfeed her kiddos at the same time without any fuzz.

Playard with Twins Bassinet

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Twins mean twice the space you would need for the play pen and even in the bed. You need double the comfort to keep the two babies happy. On Mother’s day, surprise the mom of twins with this Playard with twin bassinet which is made especially for twins. Sweet dreams is easily achievable because of its cozy quilted twin bassinet and the canopies are built just right and enough to shield the glaring lights for a more comfortable sleep for the two bundle of joy.

Twin Baby Carrier

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Going out and traveling is a struggle when you have a baby but what if you have twins? Imagine the burden of carrying two babies at the same time during long walks? Good thing there is the twins baby carrier. The mom of twins can now carry her two lovies at the same time during trips and long walks. The burden of carrying the babies would be a thing of the past with this special carrier made just for twins.

Double Snap-N-Go Stroller

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A stroller is an essential baby item for parents but a mom of twins needs double the capacity of the usual stroller. It is okay to bring two strollers but what if the mom likes to travel on her own with her twins or if she is a single mom, it would be difficult for her to carry two strollers at the same time. No worries, because on Mother’s day, you can gift the mom of twins with this universal double snap n go stroller. Now, the twins can move places with enough space for only a single stroller for mom to carry around.

Baby Twins Blanket and Pillow

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You always need two sets of everything when you have twins. If you know a mom of twins and would like to surprise her on Mother’s day, it would be great to gift her baby twins blanket and pillow set. This is snugly comfortable and would help to set the twins to sleep easily.

"Twins in a Pod" Shirt

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Surprise the happy mom to be with this cool and comfy shirt. This shirt is especially designed just for her with the funny and cute design of twins in a pod. The mom of twins would surely be a proud parent as ever and let the whole world know that she is having twins with this cozy shirt.

Twin Onesies

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It’s always a pleasant sight to see twins wear the same thing. We all know that twins are usually unidentifiable from one and the other especially if they have the same gender. You can gift the mom of twins with this very cute and charming unisex twin onesies with labels "buy one" and "take one free" to help the family and visitors know which one from the other that is while they are wearing these onesies.

Twin Cowboys Outfit

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Twins mean double the happiness of having a baby. It would be a delightful way of dressing up the twins by seeing them both wearing cute outfits at the same time. This twin outfits set which is cowboy themed is a brilliant way of dressing up the twins. The mom of twins would surely be surprised and her heart would melt when she sees these. This twin outfits would be great for their first birthday party too.

Sweet Twins Owls Baby Photo Album

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Photos are the simplest way of capturing memories and if you have twins you would have double the laughter and more memories to cherish. On Mother’s day, surprise the mom of twins with this twin’s photo album for her to store the beautiful memories of her beloved bundle of joy.

"Made a Wish" Twin Nursery Decor

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If you have a mom of twins who like to decorate her baby room then this would the best gift idea for her. This nursery wall decor would be a charming way to decorate the baby room and the mom of twins would be more than happy to see this. This wall décor comes in a baby blue background with chirping birds saying: “we make a wish and two came true”.

More Gift Ideas for Moms of Twins?

You can just take out the twins part and appeal to her being a mom:

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