Ten Sweet Gifts for Mom In Nursing Home

Last updated on March 22nd, 2018

Nursing homes have become the second home of some moms.  Remembering mom on special occasions would certainly brighten up her day in the nursing home.  If you are not sure of what to give mom on Mother’s Day and are a little lost on the details of what she might like, don’t worry because we got your back.

We have hand-picked the top 10 gifts for mom.  These gifts are not only applicable on Mother’s Day because you can also gift them on other special occasions such as Christmas, anniversary or even on her birthday!

It is definitely hard to go wrong with any of these gifts for mom in nursing home:

Golden State Fruit California Bounty Fruit Basket Gift

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The healthy option among the gifts that you can give mom. Fresh fruits are the best source of vitamins, fiber and minerals that mom would need to sustain her optimum health and nutrition. This coming mother’s day better skip the sweets and the flowers and choose fresh fruits instead.

Plush Puppy Bouquet

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She loves puppies but she is allergic to them or she does not have enough energy to care for a puppy. You can still surprise mom even if she can’t have real puppies on mother’s day. Gift mom this plush puppy bouquet on mother’s day to lift her up and have a dazzling surprise. This bouquet comes with 6 plush puppies that mom can even without the hassle of taking care of them!

Customized Playing Cards

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Playing cards is one of the favorite past time in the nursing home. You can add some zest to mom’s usual card games by gifting her customized playing cards on mother’s day. You can personalize this playing cards by adding mom’s favorite photos, add up some text or message to make her games more exciting and enjoyable.

Miracle Gro Indoor Garden

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If mom has a green thumb but she does not have much energy to do gardening then this next gift idea would be perfect for her! The miracle Gro indoor garden can grow crops without soil. It has been tried and tested to grow crops as much as five times faster than the traditional soil gardening. It is very easy to use, it has an interactive LCD display which guides the user on a step by step procedure. It can be set up in minutes without the use of tons of gardening tools. This would be a perfect way for mom to spend her time on the nursing home.

Crochet Shawl

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As we grow older, we tend to feel cold most of the time. Mom is a living proof of this, I should say. Gifting mom this crochet shawl would be a great idea and for sure she would love it! This crochet shawl is so cozy and soft and it really feels good on the skin. It is hand made from Homespun yarn which is made of 2% other fiber and 98% acrylic. It measures 72 inches long and 26 inches wide. Cleaning it is fuzz free because it is machine washable and drier safe. It comes in different colors to choose from, better to pick mom’s favorite.

Pre-Loaded iPod

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What would be the best way to surprise a music lover mom on mother’s day? If you would ask me, I think the best way to surprise her is by gifting her a pre-loaded iPod. Save her favorite music on this 16 GB iPod. For sure you can store tons of her favorite music, you can even add videos too. This iPod can run for up to 30 hours of music and up to 3.5 hours of videos. It is very simple to operate and mom can go on and on playing her favorites on this iPod.

Five Minute Memories

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Memories maybe forgotten by mom because of her old age or her underlying disease but you can brighten up her spirit and let her relive memories through this five minute memories audio cd. She can relate to every story and make her remember some of her unforgettable life experiences.

Lap Desk

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Mom can’t move much due to her age. Simple tasks such as moving around from bed to the table to eat maybe tiresome for her because of her aching joints. On mother’s day or in any special occasion, a lap desk would be the best gift for her. This lap desk has a wood top which measures 18 inches wide and 14 inch deep that is light weight but can carry her plate, books or even her laptop. There’s an ultra-foam of 2 inches cushion which provides a firm yet comfortable support. It comes in a variety of refreshing designs to choose from too.

Lunch Cruise Date

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Sometimes, mom would whine about the nursing home she is in. Maybe she’s just bored and would want to experience something new in her life even just for a day. On mother’s day, why not take her out on a lunch cruise for her to enjoy life outside the nursing home even just for a day. Having lunch with mom while cruising on the waterfront is such a superb idea. You can even let her enjoy and dance out her frustrations after eating lunch.

DIY Gift for Mom in Nursing Home: Corkboard With Photos

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Being in the nursing home would be depressing for some and every visit by a loved one is such an enjoyable occasion. Help mom remember the precious memories she once had in her life by putting her favorite photos on this corkboard. Add up some letters to brighten up her day too. This corkboard would be a simple reminder that she has a family and group of people who loves and cares for her. For inspiration, you can check out this DIY Corkboard from A Beautiful Mess.

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