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Dad is very special to us although he is often behind the scene.  He is the source of strength for the family.  He is the great provider and protector of the family.  Father’s day is just a day to celebrate our appreciation for him.  Many may celebrate dad’s greatness in general but what if you have a nerdy dad who is into technology and gizmos.  Then you should decide to surprise him with an equally challenging and interesting nerdy stuff for him.   If you have ran out of what to give for your geek dad on Father’s day or in any special occasion it entails then you are in the right place because we have gathered the top finds on the web for the geek dads.  Show your nerdy dad that you are proud of him and you love him the most by surprising him with any of the gifts for geek dads below.

The Livescribe Smartpen

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If you have a geeky dad who is always caught up in a meeting then he would love to be gifted this geek dads gift on Father’s day. The Livescribe smartpen is a one of a kind pen that allows you to record up to 200 hours of audio or 2 GB worth of recordings. It comes with playback options too so your geek dad can recall and review the important points of his meeting. There is also an option to transfer the recordings to your nerdy dad’s computer via cable connection. Such useful gifts for geek dads!

Phosphor E-Ink Watch

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The phosphor E- ink watch is one of the perfect gifts for the geek dad on Father’s day or on his birthday or in any special occasion it entails. This watch is a slim and sleek watch which has a futuristic appeal that can be worn on weekends or even in the office. The Phosphor E-ink watch is a state of the art watch that is button less and has the ability to change modes through finger swipe across the case because it has touch lens operation.

Camera Dolly Slider

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If you have a nerdy dad who is fond of holding his camera or taking photos and videos of his geeky stuff or things that he does often then this camera dolly slider would be the perfect gift for him. This geek dad’s gift would be a sure fire hit for him since it is portable and can slide along anytime. This is perfect for his epic documentations.

Wireless Photo Cube Printer

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Dad may love to take photos of you and your siblings from his phone and would love to get them instantly. On Father’s day, surprise him with this wireless photo cube printer that can empower him to print anytime he wants, wherever he goes! This geek dad’s gift on Father’s day can work well with all generations of iPhone and can produce 4 inches by 6 prints within a minute. This cube printer can also work with Android phones through USB.

Flux Capacitor Car Charger

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The Flux Capacitor car charger is an officially licensed Back to the Future merchandise which makes the nerdy dad’s charging needs in the car look more futuristic and geeky. This car charger is compatible with any USB charging gadget and emits a famous light pattern as it charges. It has 2 USB ports to charge two devices at the same time. The flexible pivot arm can be moved according to your liking to suit the power port placement of your vehicle.

Super Nova Light Cube Speaker

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If you have a nerdy dad who loves to play his favorite jam out loud then this geek dad’s gift would suit him well. The Super Nova light cube speaker emits cool light show as your geeky dad plays his favorite music on it via Bluetooth. The color palette of the light show can also be changed through the two buttons on it.

Laboratory Shot Glasses

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Chemistry is your nerdy dad’s favorite subject and you would love to surprise him with laboratory shot glasses on Father’s day. These laboratory shot glasses are in the shape of a Florence flask, Erlenmeyer flask and beakers. This would be the perfect geek dad’s gift that your Chemistry loving dad would receive on Father’s day! He can share his geekiness with his fellow nerds on every shot session that they would have through these laboratory shot glasses. This chemist cocktail kit is also a head turner!

Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set

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So you have a geek dad who raised you on a nerd culture. You already got used to his geeky stuff and think that being this gizmo whiz is just normal for all. On Father’s day, you can surprise your geek dad with a gift that can lighten up his mood literally, that is! This radioactive elements glowing coaster set would bring life to his boring table as it glows with colorful lights while keeping the table neat and spill proof from dad’s drinks. These coasters light up when you put your drink on them, it’s like being activated when a glass touches its surface. Is that cool or what?

Radioactive Elements Soaps

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Just like the item above, this will delight the chemistry geek dad! No, this is not really radioactive, so do not expect dad to come out of the shower with five more limbs! This also make great gifts for geek dads who love other forms of science, space and exploration and video game dads!

Microfiber Lens Cleaning Skinny Necktie

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A practical gift is something that your giftee can use and not just store in the garage and let dust accumulate on it. If you are planning to gift your geeky dad something that he would wear and use then this microfiber lens cleaning skinny tie would be the perfect geek dad’s gift on Father’s day. He can use this charming tie in the office and at the same time clean the lens of his phone and other gadgets without actually losing the microfiber cloth, just like what he usually does. The finest materials from this microfiber lens cleaning tie would ensure a scratch free lens at every cleaning session.

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