The Best Gifts for Fox Lovers!

Last updated on January 23rd, 2018

You should be clever and tricky as the fox, this is what we hear from old folks.  This old saying is true because the fox is indeed an intelligent animal.  The fox can camouflage itself as a hunting strategy in the wild which makes it a tricky yet clever creature at the same time.  I could remember Swiper from Dora the Explorer as they always remind him not to swipe their things when he is left alone.  Another remarkable personification of the fox is the one in the story entitled The Little Prince, where in the fox taught the prince some valuable lessons in life.  In Japan, the fox is considered as a rain spirit and a messenger of the rice god: Inari.  The fox also symbolizes protection and longevity in Japan.  The Celts honored the fox for its wisdom and considers it as a guide because the fox is knowledgeable on the woods.  Meanwhile, Native Americans believed that the fox has two symbolisms.  In the Plain tribes of Native America, they believe that the fox is often playing pranks and lures people to demise while in the Northern tribes, they believe that the fox is a symbol of being wise and they see the fox as a noble and trustworthy messenger.  In China, they believed that if someone has a fox sighting that means it is a signal from the people who passed away.

We may see the fox in different ways possible but for the fox lover, this creature is nothing but beautiful and a symbol of encouragement.  If you are a genuine fox lover or knows someone who adores the fox for reasons you don’t know then you need to check out our listing below which contains the best gift ideas for people who loves this four legged creature.  The fox may be a mysterious animal but its appeal charms many too.  See our prepared top picks of fox gifts below for your reference.

"Zero Fox Given" Mug

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What can we do when the going gets tough and out of proportion? Most of us do worry a lot and become weary but for some people, they just remain chill and composed. This funny mug entitled zero fox given is the best gag gift for the subzero friend who care less and doesn’t mingle at anyone’s business. Why stress yourself when you can’t do something about it right? This zero fox given mug is a funny mug which features a sleeping fox as the main décor of this mug. This mug is durable and can be used in a dishwasher and even in the microwave oven. The handle is shaped like a huge C for a quick and easy grip. This coffee mug can house up to eleven ounce of beverage too.

"Oh For Fox Sake" Travel Mug

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Mornings are difficult to get through especially if you are not a morning person but mornings become bearable when coffee is available. Some people prefer to drink up their coffee first before starting their day but for those who only have few moments to spare due to an erratic work schedule then drinking their favorite elixir would have to wait for a while. To manage the time and squeeze in your friend’s favorite beverage even while on the go, we do strongly suggest this funny travel mug as the perfect gift idea. This travel mug features a cartoonized fox as the main décor. This travel mug has a charming and funny design which says “oh for fox sake”. Your recipient would definitely appreciate the kind gesture and would surely have some giggles when they get to open this present. This fox travel mug can store up to sixteen ounce of beverage even while on the go with a secured lock that is spill proof as well.

Fox Vintage Bangle

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Jewelries have been part of the daily fashion of every woman. Some ladies prefer blings and some would like to keep it simple. This fox vintage bangle is a classic example of a simple jewelry that is classy yet provocative in nature. This bangle is one of a kind because it features the head of a fox instead of the usual girly design that we often see in women’s accessories. This fox vintage bangle is great for every one since it is hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free.

Fox Necklace

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Dare to be different by wearing this fox necklace. This fox necklace is one of a kind since it features the head of the proud fox as the main décor. This fox necklace comes with a chain that can be customized with the perfect length that you need. The length of the link chain runs from sixteen inches up to thirty inches. The pendant of this necklace features an antique silver large fox charm: which measures and inch and quarters. This necklace is handmade which explains the superb intricate details on this fine jewelry.

Sleeping Fox Necklace

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They say that a sleeping fox catches no poultry. Some say that a sleeping fox is just pretending so as to catch his prey unguarded. Either way, if you love this daring creature that we call fox or knows someone who does then it would be great to keep this favorite animal of yours close to your heart through this sleeping fox necklace. This sleeping fox necklace comes in silver and bronze with sizes to choose from too. You can choose the necklace chain length from eighteen inches up to twenty four. You can also customize the size of the pendant and choose between small and large. This necklace is handmade from Canada and ships worldwide. It comes with a gift box when bought too which makes it ready for gift giving anytime!

Bronze Fox Earrings

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The fox may be sneaky and unfriendly sometimes but there are some gifted photographers who have captured the beauty of the proud fox. Check out this dazzling pair of bronze earrings which features the majestic red fox. This pair of bronze fox earrings features a photograph of a red fox enclosed in a glass cabochons measuring eighteen centimeters by thirteen. This pair of earrings measures an inch and quarter by five eights of a centimeter which makes it a simple yet stunning piece of jewelry on your ears.

Fox Throw Pillow Case

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Sleeping is refreshing. Actually, this is one of my favorite past time especially during rest days from work. If you are a sleepy head just like or knows someone who snoozes more often than most people then this cute fox throw pillow case would be a great gift idea after all. This throw pillow features the strong creature fox but is captured in an innocent aura that can melt anyone’s heart. The fox design on this throw pillow is a replica of a watercolor painting printed beautifully on a cotton linen. This throw pillow case would look ravishing on your living room, guest room or in your favorite couch in the office. This fox throw pillow case would make napping more fun especially for the fox lovers out there!

Fox Shirt

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The fox may have a striking look and can intimidate any creature out there. Any fox fanatic would be delighted to receive this one of a kind shirt which features a fox’s striking stare as the main design on this shirt. This fox shirt comes in different sizes to choose from to accommodate almost any fox lover in the market. Sizes vary from small up to triple extra-large. This fox shirt is made from one hundred percent cotton which makes it very comfortable to wear.

Fox Hooded Sweatshirt

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Don’t sweat it, we found the perfect sweatshirt for the fox lovers and the bonus part is that it comes with a hoody. This fox hooded sweatshirt is a soft sweatshirt that is made of recycled cotton and rayon. This one of a kind sweatshirt is eco-friendly and the fox design is screen print. You can see the silhouette of the fox in the wild as the main design of this hooded sweatshirt. This handmade sweatshirt comes in a variety of sizes to choose from extra small up to extra-large. This would be a perfect jogging buddy or during your cardio exercises.

Fox Sheer Infinity Scarf

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What makes an outfit stand out among the rest? Some would say because of the structure, the color or even because of the material but some may comment that it’s because of the design. Many women do love to accentuate their outfit by putting on some scarf. For the fox lovers out there, this one of a kind fox sheer infinity scarf is made just for you! This scarf could make you shine among the crowd when worn because of the cartoonized foxes that fill this sheer infinity scarf. As an infinity scarf, you can wear this in different ways possible such as a scarf, head scarf, shawl and many more! And because of its material which is one hundred percent viscose, this scarf is possible to wear in any season there maybe! This would be the perfect gift for the fashionista muse on your list who adores foxes too!

The Little Prince’s Fox Plush

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The fox in The Little Prince is a notable character that gave the little prince and even the audience some important life lessons. The fox is merely a cameo role in the story but he taught the little prince some secrets about life which includes the following: the essentials in life are those that are invisible to the eye, the time wasted or spent on the rose makes it so important to the little prince and that you are responsible for what you have tamed. If you love the fox on the story: The Little Prince then this would be the perfect plush toy for you! This fox plush toy is also perfect for the kids whom you want to introduce the story; The Little Prince. This twenty inch plush toy is the perfect fox cuddle buddy there is!

Dapper Fox Cross Bag

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Most women can’t go out the house without their bag or purse and some do prefer small clutch bags just to secure their wallet, change purse and some lippy or powder. We found the perfect and versatile dapper fox cross body bag that is just made for any fox follower there is. This dapper fox cross body bag is designed as a purse, wallet and clutch bag all in one. The plus factor is that it has a shoulder strap that is adjustable which makes it a cross body too. This bag has a large zipper which makes the exterior pocket. This exterior pocket is made for mobile phones, keys or even makeup essentials. The inside of this bag has six credit card slots and a large coin pocket with a zipper to keep your change secured. The bag measures six inches in height and seven inches wide. When fully extended, this bag’s sling can reach up to fifteen inches long.

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