Thoughtful and Useful Gifts for Dad in Nursing Home

Last updated on March 27th, 2018

Father’s day is on the horizon.  Are you at loss on what to give your dad who is currently living in the nursing home?  Gifts for dad in nursing home should be something that he will treasure.  Ensure that your gift would be appropriate for the retirement home because as we know there are tons of precautions since being a resident in a nursing home means that dad is already in assisted living and can’t live on his own.  Gifting him something that he likes and something that would entertain him would also add joy to his years.  Check out our fine picks for gifts for dad in nursing home!

Dual Recording Photo Frame

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Dad may be forgetful at times but for sure he would never forget the fun memories that you had together. On Father’s day surprise him with a gift for dad in nursing home this dual recording photo frame. It is not an ordinary photo frame because it has a ten second recording for each photo. The voice recording feature of this photo frame makes dad hear you even if you are far away or too busy to visit him. The hinge of this frame can be moved up to 360 degrees and the photos can be seen in horizontal or vertical orientations.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

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We only want the best for dad. He took care of us when we were young so now that it’s our turn to take care of him, we searched for the best nursing home to keep an eye on him and keep him healthy as we go on with our busy lives. On Father’s day, it would be great to surprise dad with a simple yet amazing gift that he could enjoy. This gift for dad in nursing home which is the Himalaya rock salt lamp brings a decorative and refreshing aura in his room. This lamp emits ions in the air which reduces fatigue the natural way. It could make dad feel relaxed and enjoy good quality of air.

Record Player Music Box

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Surprise dad on Father’s day with a gift that would brighten up his lonely days in the nursing home; this gift for dad in nursing home which is a record player music box ensembles his vinyl player from before but the difference is this is a cute decorative music box which can be an eye stunner on his room. The music which comes out of this record player music box would certainly bring joy to dad’s heart on Father’s day.

Superhero Cushion for Dad

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If dad is a sleepy head, he would love this gift for sure! This gift for dad in nursing home which is a colorful cushion would bring light to dad’s gray skies. This cushion is not only soft, cozy and nice to sleep at but it also has captions which tell how much you appreciate dad as he is. This cushion measures 45cm by 45cm which is just right for his head. It would bring color to his bed or to his favorite couch in the nursing home for sure!

Perpetual Flip Calendar

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Dad maybe gloomy sometimes and we know that he needs some encouragement to keep him going on. This gift for dad in nursing home is a perpetual flip calendar which has 366 scriptures written every day of the year. It would certainly bring him peace and words to live by each day. We all know that Christ would bring us peace and joy for eternity and we can celebrate Him and His words every day through this perpetual flip calendar.

Gourmet Gifts Box

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The foodie dad would love to have some munchies in the nursing home. This gift for dad in nursing home would be a delightful one for the foodie dads out there! This box of healthy nuts and dried fruits would be perfect for munching as he watches his favorite game on TV. Gourmet gifts are also best for sharing with his friends in the nursing home.

My Dad Coffee Mug

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For the coffee lover dad, it would be great to gift him a special coffee mug on Father’s day. This gift for dad in nursing which is a coffee mug has a special caption on it which says: “some people don’t believe in heroes but they have not met my dad.” This mug can enclose any beverage up to 15 ounce. For sure, with every sip from this special coffee mug dad would remember you and your thoughtfulness as well.

World’s Greatest Dad Shirt

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It would be great to gift dad something dad he could use in the nursing home. Practical gifts such as this shirt would be perfect for dad. This gift for dad in nursing home that is a comfy shirt would brighten up dad’s day not because it’s a practical gift that he can use but also because of the caption on it which says: “This guy is the world’s greatest dad”. He may not be perfect but for you he is the best there is among the rest!

Customized Towel

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Residents in the nursing home maybe suffering from forgetfulness due to illness or just due to old age. They might have mixed their belongings and it would be great to give dad something with his name on it so that his care giver can easily track his stuff. This gift for dad in nursing home which is a customized towel is a useful gift that he can use every day plus the engraved name on it can make it easier for him to track it.

Keepsake Box

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Some of us are not fancy in words and not expressive enough of how we feel. On Father’s day, surprise him with this perfect gift for dad in nursing home to lighten up his gloominess. He would certainly feel touched and more love as her reads the lovely poem from this keepsake box. This would be a perfect and eye catchy aesthetic box on his desk. And for sure every time he sees it, it would remind him of you!

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