Nine Geeky Gifts Accountants and CPA’s Will Love

Last updated on November 5th, 2018

Debit, credit, tax season, balance sheet, financial statements. If you hear these words often then you probably know an accountant. If that accountant celebrates his birthday, Christmas is coming or you just want to send your appreciation to accountant friend, then you can give them a present. Accountants are quite meticulous, but believe me; they are quite easy to please if you know what to give. Here are some gifts for accountants. They will love this!

CPA Shirt

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Here comes the CPA, the weapon of mass deductions! This is funny T-shirt is truly fitting fro the CPA during tax seasons. Deducting expenses to save money for the company, hurdling deadlines, and shielding from taxes, the certified public accountant sound like a superhero, doesn’t he? The CPA Shirt comes in different colours, sizes and styles for both men and women are available. This shirt is a great gag gift for the CPA.

Dollars Cufflinks

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A dollar sign cufflinks is funny when worn by an accountant! Imagine him wearing this during an audit or a brainstorming and he can fizzle the tension a bit. Besides that, this set of cufflinks look good, is inexpensive and men who wear cufflinks exude an aura of sophistication and wisdom. This is a great gift idea for auditors and accountants holding a higher position in the office.

Money Tree

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We all know accountants count million and millions worth of money they do not actually own. Why not give them a money tree because, ermm, money does not grow on trees. Just kidding, this is a good luck charm (according to Feng Shui) when placed on a desk where finances are often taken cared of, so an accountant will benefit from this money tree. Besides that, this tree looks good on his desk, don't you think?

Gold Bar Stapler

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If you are in for another wealth-gag gift, then this funny gold bar stapler is a cool gift idea. Accountants deal with wealth and it is fun to pretend he is holding a real gold bar while doing those tax returns. This is great because a) it releases the tension of working and b) it is a cool piece of conversation starter. Maybe your accounting guy can finally start a fun conversation with the girl from treasury if she borrows this super cool stapler, hmm?

Money Necktie

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Dollars, dollars, dollars! If your accountant friend loves to experiment with his clothing, then this necktie with dollar prints is a great gift idea. It is experimental, fun and quirky, just like your friend! He will surely chuckle when he sees this necktie, but will be surprised at how well this will look on a dress shirt.

St. Matthew (Patron of Accountants) Medallion

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This beautiful piece of medallion is not only a good keepsake, it also bears the print of St. Matthew, the Patron Saint of Accountants. If your accountant friend is the religious type, he will surely appreciate receiving this kind of gift.

Vintage Calculator Watch

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We all know accountants will not able to work without their calculators, so a cool gift idea would be to give them with vintage calculator wristwatch. Now, they will be able to work without trotting a big old calculator along, just this very special wristwatch you bought them! Super cool.

"It’s Accrual World" Mug

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What you should give an accountant that loves coffee? A coffee mug that has an accounting pun printed it, of course! Now many people say that the worst thing you can gift a person is a mug, but believe me, with his profession, he needs to be as alert and awake as possible, as accounting errors and miscounts can always come around. The “It’s Accrual World” is a shout out to accounting, parodying the common saying. Your accountant will surely make co-staff and clients alike when they see this coffee mug!

Accountant Joke Book

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“How many accountants does it take to change a light bulb?” If this is funny to you, then your accountant friend might like to receive this book of accountant jokes. Make him laugh during staff break during those hectic tax seasons.

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