Cool and Useful Gifts for 11 Year Old Tween Boys

Last updated on September 9th, 2016

Your child at eleven is at a period of physical growth in a rapid rate. This growth comes along with major bodily and hormonal changes in preparation of puberty. This is usually the age wherein they start secondary school which might be a more challenging experience because of much more busier environment and less guidance. It also seems that they may be acutely self-conscious in public and generally obtain their sense of identity through the way they look their clothes, possession, activities and identification with their peer group. This items I found might help this youngster through their puberty stage growth.

Rubik’s Cube

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As this youngsters grow, this is also the stage of their cognitive maturity. To help them enhance their thinking skills, this cube is the ultimate mind blowing game that could help them. This will develop their rational thinking and will surely develop angst amongst boys because it’s not only mind blowing, it’s super challenging as well. But before anguish takes over them, tell them that there’s a huge price waiting for them once they finish the puzzle.

Gameboy 3Ds

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Every boy’s fantasy is a video game. No boy could ever resist a video game. All the boys just needed a Pokemon, or Super Mario and a little bit of Donkey Kong. Gameboy have it all and more variety of games. It’s portable, easy and fun to use. Nonetheless, packing a huge amount of power into a little package, this little console proved a revolution in video gaming. It’s a Nintendo product and is cheaper compare to there gadgets.


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Body odor is the ultimate turn-off especially if you’re charming and handsome. What’s the use of a beautiful face if you smell like a rotten vegetable, right? Imagine bumping into your crush and you smell fishy, which would be a total embarrassment. There are a lot of colognes you can find, look for something that suits your smell and next time you bump into someone you like, you smell heavenly.

Cool Backpack

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Since your boy is starting secondary school, it would be nice giving him a backpack which he could use. High school boys needed bag for the reason that they got a lot of books. Well, if it’s not intended for books then maybe it’s for something else, it might be a guy stuff you know. It would be really cool if you give him something durable and something light and not heavy.


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You should start encouraging your boys to be sporty. Most boys are into basketball so you could give them a ball so they could have a fresh start. They could play along with their friends and get a little sweaty as they exercise the sport. It’s good for them especially for their health, to get in shape and get that toned body muscles. Not only that, women dig basketball players.

Hair Gel

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Boys are very detailed when it comes to their hairstyle. They want it be on fleek especially in the eyes of the girls. So it would be great if you would give them gel to start reinventing their hairstyle. Well of course, you cannot give a hairstyling gel to someone bald because that’s just stupid. The new trend right now is the Zayn Malik hairstyle. Boys are into fluffy-looking kind of hairstyle right now to get some girls attention because it’s also the crowning glory of all the boys.


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One of the human essentials is of course shoes. Of course, everybody needs a shoe so why don’t you give your boy a new rubber shoes as a treat. It would be nice if you give them Nike but no matter what it is, they are going to like it. Nowadays, eyes are into Crocs because it’s very convenient, you can use it whether rain pours or when the sun shines. Boys use it every day, whenever playing a sport, or going to gym, or more importantly going to school.

Roller Blades

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This stuff is kind of 90’s. However, this blades never got old. It used to be one of the best sellers in the market, nevertheless, it never loses its charm and still selling in the market until now. More often than not, boys uses roller blades and it even has a competition of roller skating. Some uses roller blades to go to school, I guess it’s faster than walking right?


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You should try to encourage your boys to read as early as possible not only to improve their vocabulary but for them to gain more knowledge as well. Instead of giving them hardbound books which is too burden for them to carry, you could give them Kindle. It’s very handy and convenient to use. You can read anything online and all you ever need is wireless internet to download electronic books online. For those who loves to read, this thing is perfect and the new trend nowadays.


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As we all know, puberty is a stage wherein youngsters often obtain acne. These pimples are often the reason of decreasing self-confidence of the boys. It could make them feel awful and gruesome at times and could make them the object of bullying. But this powerful acne treatment is the key to gain more confidence and get that Brad Pitt looking face and tell your goodbyes to your pimples.

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