Eleven Creative Presents Engineers Will Surely Like

Last updated on November 5th, 2018

Engineers like to think they are never wrong. If you like to thank the rightness of your friend engineer, Christmas is coming or just want to give something to an engineering graduate; you might want to give them a gift from this list.

This list of 11 great Gifts for Engineers was voted on by a group of engineers, so you are assured people in this profession will love it. Because, you know already, engineers are never wrong.

Cubelets, Modular Robotics

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Engineer love robots, no doubt about it. They also love putting things together. They also love puzzles. So why not give the combination of all three? Cubelets are modular robots that you can put together to grate a gigantic robot. Kind of like the concept of Microbots from Big Hero 6, but different. Your engineer will love Cubelets. Simple robots can be made with just a pair of robots or complicate ones with more. Have your engineer hooked up and buy him a starter of six Cubelets.

Cams and Cranks

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Your Engineer will love playing with Cams and Cranks. This is a great three-dimension construction toy that helps keep those creative juices flowing and stimulate the engineer’s mind. This toy creates five models including an oil drill, a flying eagle, a crane, and a moving figure plus the activity book explains the technical and scientific principles and how to apply each. Not only that this is a great gift idea for a mechanical engineer, but also physicists and scientist -- those who work in the field of construction and Physics. Boo-yah!

Engineer’s Field Bag

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This is something very useful for field engineers! Engineers who often go out for construction will find this bag super useful as the compartments in the bag is tailored for the engineer’s need: The main compartment is suitable for a laptop, document and paperworks. There is a pouch for cellphone calculator or other small object like a sunglasses case. Pen holders. This is a very sturdy bag that has many good reviews from engineers and other users as well. If you want something that your engineer friend would use frequently, you have a friend in this bag.

“I’m Never Wrong” Engineer Shirt

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Since the Engineers are never wrong, why not give them this shirt that says so? It will save them the time from saying so! Kidding aside, this funny shirt pokes fun at that funny connotation that engineers do not make mistakes. This is a memorable shirt your engineer can wear on his way to field day. This great gift shirt for Engineers comes in different colors and sizes, and styles for both men and women are available.

Calliper Pen

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Engineers’ works do not only demand writing, but also tools for measurement. To make sure your engineer friend gets his job done accurately, a calliper pen is a great gift idea. Not only that this pen writes, it also has a set of callipers to hep him take measurements down to the last millimetre. Mechanical engineers will certainly be joyful as they receive this one of a kind present from you.

USB Mini Fridge

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Many engineers have a ton of work in the computer. Those who work in front of the screen or laptop could use a bit of cold drink. The USB fridge is something that can keep a can of beer or soda cold for the next use, by using the power from the computer port. Cold drink while working – an awesome gift an engineer can get!

Golden Gate Book Ends

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The Golden Gate Bridge is one the greatest design in architecture and a monumental success of engineering. This pair of bookends looks good and will definitely inspire your Engineer keep working for the best. This is perfect for your engineer friend’s library or workplace. Awesome!

Circuit Bowtie

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Men who wear bowties look wiser and sophisticated and smarter. Let your electrical engineer’s geekiness show by giving his circuit bowtie to wear. It will look great on his dress shirt and will add a bit of quirkiness and fun on his usually boring formal work wardrobe.

Robotic Arm Engineering Kit

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Remember that robotic arm you saw in Big Hero 6? Turns out, that kind of robot is already here. The OWI Robotic arm is programmable arm that can be commanded to perform multiple movements and functions. It requires no soldering and your Engineer will definitely have fun putting this thing together! This is such an awesome robot that you might want to get two, because you will probably like it too.

Carpenter Space Pen

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Another nifty pen for your engineer friend! The carpenter space pen not only writes on any surface, regardless of moisture or texture or temperature, it also has tools like a ruler and a protractor to help engineering jobs more accurately. Mechanical engineers will love this pen.

RC Quadcopter

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The guys at Reddit agree: Engineers just love RC quadcopters. The Hubsan X4 is just an amazing piece of technology. It has a stable flight (think hummingbird stability), is durable and has a camera to capture all the awesomeness that is happening! This will be a piece of fun during office breaks. Isn’t this the perfect present for any type of engineer? So fun!

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