8 Remarkable Gift Ideas for Web Marketers

Last updated on March 15th, 2018

Whenever we saw something really fascinating on the net or on TV, what do we usually do after? We tend to search more about that item and find reviews on blogs to know more and weigh the pros and cons before buying it or dumping the dream.   These blogs are made by wonderful web marketers who tediously and dedicatedly researching and comparing the prices and qualities of each product in the market. If you have a friend or a team of web marketers that you are planning to surprise this weekend but is totally clueless of what to give then you’re search is over and you can check out the list that we have below for you.

Web Analytics Demytified Book

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How to get a customer is a mystery for all. Some say that it’s a God given talent, others say they got it through experience but what if you can have both? That would definitely sound great! To gain more customers in the World Wide Web is what this book is all about. Web analytics demystified tackles about the best ways on how to leverage and earn more traffic data and be rewarded. Any web marketer would find this book very interesting and helpful for one’s career.

Magic Happens Mousepad

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Making a sale takes a lot of patience, dedication, charisma and appeal. In the web marketing world, charisma, appeal and building rapport can’t be applied because there is no physical contact between the marketer and the customer. This is where the web marketer do his magic! Speaking of magic, this mouse pad would certainly draw a smile on the face of your web marketer friend. This mouse pad has a tag line of “magic happens”, of course he would agree because in every click of his mouse and every key that he presses words are formed and a product is promoted without any need of physical presence or charm!

Marketer Mug

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I hate mornings! Most especially when I have slept late after blogging the whole night. Any web marketer can easily relate to that sentiment and with that, I want to raise a toast with this hashtag mug. This hashtag mug has the label “Social Media Marketer Lives Matter” which is the perfect tag for a web marketer. Coffee first before anything else, I should say! This mug is ceramic with an eleven ounce capacity, plus it is dishwasher and microwave safe which is perfect for the busiest web marketer friend that you have.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Focus is everything for the web marketer. Without it, it would be very difficult to weave words and present products if there are tons of distractions in the outside world. Most web marketers prefer a noise free environment and this is where this noise cancelling headphone comes in. This noise cancelling headphone is such a brilliant gift to give and you would most certainly be thanked for this. Your dear marketer can either block out the outside world through this or zone out while listening to his favorite music while focusing on his craft.

Comfort Hot Pack

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Strained muscles is very common for people who are in a certain position for longer periods of time. Just like in a web marketer’s world, sitting for a long time due to fluid blogging may result to strained elbows, shoulders, neck or legs or any body part. What comes after a strained muscle? That is pain of course! Pain is not a favorite of any and sometimes we can’t prevent it. This comfort pack would ease the pain of strained muscles through hot or cold therapy. This comfort pack can be customized with a design of your choice to make it more personalized and pleasant to look at.

Swedish Massage

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Sometimes the achy muscles are not easily relieved by packing it with a hot or cold compress. Sometimes there’s a dire need for some tender touches that could soothe any pain. Let your dear web marketer unleash some stress and body aches through a Swedish massage. Every stroke in this massage could definitely relax your friend and unwinding through this basic R and R could improve his blood circulation too. Through massage, focus is also achieved because as the mind is cleared away from stress, the easier it would be for focus to set.

Night Vision Rafting

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Seeing the world in a different perspective can widen one’s outlook in life. In a web marketer’s mind, there are a lot of ideas settling in and these are released through blogging. Too much work can cloud up the mind and we need a little bit of the outside world to widen our horizon. For sure, your web marketer friend has been in doors for quite some time because of blogging and a little fresh air would absolutely freshen his mind up. This night vision rafting is a one of kind experience that would bring the participant to a unique experience of the wilderness while being cradled by the water.

DIY Gift for Web Marketers: Night jar

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Blogging may take the hours of a web marketer. With every hour spent, he would not notice that day would change to night because the blogging takes a toll on his day. If you think that your favorite web marketer needs to get more sun but refuses to get some physical activities outside then gift him his very own sun. Yes, you can make your very own sun jar by following the detailed procedure on Indistructables. The instructions are easy to follow and the materials can be seen anywhere. Making this sun jar is a breeze and even a kid can do it. Giving this to your web marketer friend would not only give him his very own sun but he can also use it as his night light during wee hours of blogging.

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    That noise cancelling headphone would be really a big help. A good massage and a hot pack are good too.


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