Gift Ideas for the Wife of a Minister

Being part of a church feels like being part of a family. People develop close-knitted relationships through church congregations and holiday celebrations. It is always ideal to be thoughtful on functions, sharing meals and giving gifts to one another. The wife of the minister holds a special position as well. She serves as a role model to all the women of the church and is usually asked for advice and help.

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas for the wife of a minister, the special lady of your local church.

Knitted Shawl

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Knitted shawls are a staple for middle-aged women at church. This gorgeous ivory shawl with sophisticated crochet patterns of flowers will be a valued gift the minister’s wife. She can wear it for formal church and out-of-church functions. This can be paired with casual and formal dresses alike. I’m pretty sure she’ll tell you the next Sunday that she got lots of compliments for this shawl.

Angel Figurine

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Angels signify light and purity that’s why a lot of people like to have angel decor inside the home. It just adds some atmosphere of tranquility that lets a free-flowing harmony for the family. Angels are also said to guard people. This faux sandstone angel figurine features a family under the guardianship of an angel.

Handmade Flower Pot

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Gardening is one of the favorite hobbies of moms. They can either have a small garden patch in their backyard or have a couple potted plants inside at home sitting by the window to get enough sunlight. The focus is usually on the flora but no one’s telling you to get good ol’ boring pots for them! This one is a ceramic and hand-painted flowered flower pot that would steal all the attention from the actual plant.

Porcelain Jewelry Box

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Every lady has a collection of fashion and fine jewelry to complement her various ensembles. And for those who have a bigger set of sparkling treasures, it’s annoying to see them lying around on your vanity in a cluttered mess. And the first lady of the church has a status of being a sophisticated lady and she is sure to be keeping some jewelry for special occasions. This is a vintage jewelry box made from porcelain and hand-painted with dainty flowers for some demure effect.

Dinnerware Set

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Hosting luncheons is a usual affair in the church family. The minister’s family is known to take the lead and his wife will prepare everything to accommodate the guests. And a lady of the home should never run out of exquisite dinnerware to pair up with the sumptuous feast she prepares. This collection features an elegant rustic look of faux-vintage accents and lightly embossed scrolls on the edges.

Prayer Journal

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No one is ever too old to keep a journal. But this one is extra special because it has specific sections where you can write down your reflections, scriptures to follow, and even pray requests. It’s enough for you or the minister’s wife to go by for her own spiritual wishes as well as the other members of the church who comes to her for help.

Bible Verse Mug

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If the minister’s wife likes to start her day with a cup of hot coffee or warm tea, add this bible verse mug to her collection. The bible verse “God is within her, she will not fail” is perfect for one of the strongest women in the community. Truly a role model she is and it’s great to remind her that every morning.

Bath Gift Set

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Every woman wants to have a weekend of pampering all to her own. Send her this bath basket for one of those weekends. Made from organic materials and without artificial fragrance (only natural scents from flowers and such), it is not only really aromatic but also nourishing to the skin. It’s important for every woman to have soft skin no matter the age.

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