34 Gift Ideas for the Sense of Taste (for Him and for Her)

Last updated on November 21st, 2018

The taste is one of the senses you have to excite in the concept of “five senses” gift ideas. In my article about the five senses gift ideas (if you haven’t seen them, check “for him” and “for her” five senses gifts) I have discussed around ten for each of the five senses. Here is a collection of more gift ideas that stimulate the tongue, the sense of taste.

Here are thirty four gift ideas for the sense of taste, categorized into experience and keepsake (also includes consumables) gifts.

Experience Gift Ideas for the Sense of Taste

  1. Cook them dinner…
  2. … Or go on the more classy route and hire a professional chef to whip you up a five course dinner!

    You two can hire a private chef to cook a dinner for you two

    You two can hire a private chef to cook a dinner for you two

  3. … You can also go to a fine dining restaurant if you both do not go there often.
  4. How about a sushi making workshop? You both can learn how to make delicious Japanese food and eat your fruits of labor!
  5. Cheese making workshop, perhaps?
  6. Go to a tree park, have picnic under the towering trees!
  7. While you are on the picnic, a game of tasting is in order. Cover your partner’s eyes and let them guess what you let them taste!
  8. How about a beer tasting tour? There are lots of companies that offer this kind of service.
  9. You can also have a vineyard tour to taste the grapes and the wine!
  10. How about a gondola dinner cruise? You can both have the sumptuous dinner while the boatman sings!
  11. You can search online for the nearest chocolate tour.
  12. You can also visit ice cream factory tours. Be amazed as you both lick on the cold treats.

    You both can also enjoy an ice cream tour with free ice cream of course

    You both can also enjoy an ice cream tour! With free ice cream, of course!

  13. Mystery murder dinner. Have loads of fun who killed who in this real life game of detective.
  14. Attend a food festival! An example is Smorgasburg in New York. Open almost year round, from April to November.
  15. Have money to spend? You can visit Shiroi Koibito Park in Japan, which is a real life version of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Minus the hazardous chocolate lake and Oompa Loompa, of course.

Keepsake Gifts for the Sense of Taste

Includes consumable gifts

  1. A heat changing coffee mug! These things are like magic!

    Morning Mug

    Magic mug!

  2. Add some fine artisan coffee. Try the Civet coffee if you both are feeling adventurous.
  3. Coffee maker, perhaps?
  4. Let’s go classic: chocolate truffles! Sweet and delicious…
  5. Add some wine to the chocolates while you are at it!
  6. Or some fine bubbly champagne. Pink if you are wooing your girl.
  7. You can also serve your significant other chocolate-dipped strawberries!
  8. A spice set is a great way to add new dishes and taste to your dinners.
  9. Cotton candy maker. Make your very first cotton candy!
  10. Edible massage oils. I hope you know where this gift if going to take you both.
  11. Basket of sweets and baked goodies.
  12. You can also bake them a cake.
  13. Pizza cake!
  14. A large version of a candy. I have seen monster sized Nerds, gummy bears, gummy worms, chocolate bars.

    Large Nerds Candy

    Large Nerds Candy

  15. You can also buy retro candies your partner used to enjoy when they were still a child.
  16. Do they drink liquor on a regular basis? How about whiskey stones?..
  17. … Plus a liquor dispenser?
  18. You can also give them a cocktail making set. Buy some supplies too and offer to make them the first cocktail.
  19. Speaking of liquor, some wine supplies like corker and stopper, as well as a wine aerator.

Here are more gift ideas for the senses: Touch, Sight, SmellHearing.

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