28 Gift Ideas for the Sense of Smell (for Him and for Her)

Last updated on November 21st, 2018

The nose is one of the organs you would have to excite when you want to fulfill the “five senses” gifts concept. This collection will help you find those perfect gift ideas for the sense of smell. This list is more of a generic note and less specific. This list is just to keep your creativity rolling. For gift recommendations (I listed around 10 each sense) and a full idea on what this gift concept is, you can check the five senses gifts articles for him and for her.

Here are my 28 gift ideas for the sense of smell. This is divided into experience gifts and gifts you can wrap (called keepsakes, but includes consumables).

Experience Gift Ideas for the Sense of Smell

  1. Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy is the most common and most appreciated gift when it comes to smell.

    Aromatherapy session at the spa. The most common and very popular choice when it comes to gifts for the smell.

  2. Perfumery tour. You guys will learn how scents are made on the bulk.
  3. A tour to a flower farm, see how flowers are grown and harvested.
  4. Go to a flower field park, maybe have a picnic among the colorful and fresh smelling flowers. The Flower Field in California is one place to visit.
  5. Bonus: Men… if you can take your lady to Japan to see and smell the cherry blossoms, it will be the best smell gift in this bunch! You can also buy cherry blossom flavored drinks and snacks there, which also smell the mild scent of the flower.

Keepsake Gift Ideas for the Sense of Smell

Including Consumables

  1. Scents Gifts Basket

    Scents Gifts Basket

    A nice perfume or cologne.

  2. Aftershave for the men.
  3. Deliciously smelling lotion
  4. … or body butter for the ladies.
  5. Grooming supplies like hair gel, hair wax or styling mousse.
  6. Nice scented candles. I love the fruity smelling scented candles.
  7. Aromatherapy oils
  8. … and add an oil burner…
  9. … or a reed diffuser!
  10. You can also try giving a nice smelling incense…
  11. Add an incense burner too!
  12. Himalayan salt lamps make the room smelling fresh always!
  13. How about a car air freshener?
  14. A bunch of nice smelling flowers for the ladies.
  15. Shaving set (get the most pleasant smelling shaving cream!) or beard oil for the guys.
  16. A bubblebath date! Be sure to get the bubblebath with an emphasized smell.
  17. Bacon Whiskey and Coffee Soaps

    Bacon, Whiskey and Coffee Soaps

    Artisan soap bars… you know, those soap bars with real fruits or flowers or grains in them. These additions are supposed to smell really really nice, relax and rejuvenate the bather.

  18. Weird (but pleasant!) smelling soaps like beer or hair of the dog or bacon soaps. Yes, these do exist.
  19. Fragrance gift baskets.
  20. Coffee smells great! How about a coffee maker or a coffee press?
  21. The ladies will surely appreciate scented lip balms.
  22. Nicely scented massage oils. Offer to give your partner a back rub!
  23. Foot spa set!

Here are more gift ideas for the senses: Touch, Sight, Taste, Hearing.

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