40 Gift Ideas for the Sense of Sight (for Him and for Her)

Last updated on September 18th, 2017

One of the senses you have to satisfy in the five senses gift ideas (for him and for her) is sight. If you want more gifts that stimulate the sight, you should take a look at these 40 ideas. These are divided into two, experience and keepsakes.

Experience Gift Ideas for the Sense of Sight

  1. Trip to the Museaum

    Trip to the Museum

    Trip to a museum.

  2. Visual arts class: painting, drawing, photography digital arts.
  3. Sports tickets, especially for the guys who like sports. Football, soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball. Whatever floats your significant other’s boat.
  4. If they are into theater, bring them to a musical or ballet recital.
  5. Make them a blanket fort. This tickles the inner child in them!
  6. Hot air balloon ride!
  7. Skydive and you both will see how beautiful the land is on a bird’s eye view.
  8. Appreciate aquatic nature with snorkeling…
  9. Dive Together, See the Ocean's Beauty

    Dive Together, See the Ocean’s Beauty

    … or even diving. You can also take diving lessons.

  10. Take them to the waterfall or lake or beach.
  11. Take them to a very colorful festival, like the Flower Festival in the Philippines, Electric Forest in USA or Carnival of Brazil.
  12. Fireworks display!
  13. Go to Bellagio, watch the dancing fountains.
  14. Shadow puppet theater!
  15. Have a picnic at the woods.
  16. Photo shoot. you can do a couple’s photo shoot or a boudoir photo shoot for the ladies.
  17. Hire someone to draw you by charcoal…
  18. … Or make a caricature of you both.
  19. Did you know that you can hire someone to turn your them into a video game character?
  20. Scatter roses on the floor leading to the bed.
  21. Buy some flying paper lanterns then fly them!
  22. Gift for the guys: Women, wear some sensual lingerie then give him a strip tease!

Keepsake Gift Ideas for the Sense of Sight

  1. Write them a love letter…
  2. … Or write them a poem!
  3. You can also buy one of those framed poetry. These are sweet and decorative!
  4. A painting.
  5. Fireflies in a Jar

    Fireflies in a Jar

    Fireflies in a jar. Present many at night in your backyard. This looks great!

  6. Some nice shades.
  7. Photo collage frame, with your photos…
  8. …Or you can buy an electronic photo frame.
  9. A Japanese paper lamp.
  10. Create a scrapbook narrating your love story.
  11. Buy a book about tourist spots. Give your partner a promise to take them to these when you are older.
  12. Gift for the ladies: vanity mirror.
  13. 52 Reasons Why I Love You Cards. These are custom booklet made from playing cards. Here is a tutorial.
  14. Underwater Dogs

    Underwater Dogs

    Funny photo books… like Underwater Dogs (my favorite0.

  15. Kindle, especially if they love to read.
  16. Camcorder or a digicam…
  17. … even a smartphone or a tablet.
  18. Binoculars (Goes with one of the trips mentioned on the experience gifts!)

Here are more gift ideas for the senses: TouchSmell, Taste, Hearing.

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