27 Gift Ideas for the Sense of Hearing (for Him and for Her)

Last updated on November 21st, 2018

The ear is one of the sensory organs you have to satisfy in fulfilling the concept of five senses gift ideas.

In the past, I wrote about the five senses gift concept, citing at least ten gift suggestions for each sense. This article will tackle more gift ideas for the sense of hearing. Please take note that this article discusses gift ideas on a general level to start your creative thinking for your aural gifts. If you are looking for more specific gift ideas for the the senses, I suggest you take a look a look at my article on the five senses gift ideas ideas for him and for her.

Here are my 27 gift ideas for the hearing, divided into experience gifts and keepsake gifts.

Experience Gift Ideas for the Hearing

  1. Write a song, sing it to your partner. Corny but very romantic.

    Write a song, sing it to your partner. Corny but very romantic.

    Write a song about your partner, then sing or play it for them…

  2. … if you are too shy (or unable) to sing or play a musical instrument, you can have someone sing it for you.
  3. You can also hire someone to write a custom song for your love. Just send them details about your significant other and they will construct the song for you!
  4. Are you sure you do not want to sing? If you have the voice of a dying whale, you can always record it and hire someone to autotune it for you. You can go serious and have it fixed or you can make it comical and autotune you like one of the popular funny autotunes in Youtube. 😉
  5. How about hiring a quartet to serenade your love?
  6. You can also write a poem and read it to them!
  7. Present your partner with tickets to attend an opera or musical or a concert or a piano recital.

  8. A gondola ride! Make sure you get the service where the boatman sings!
  9. This is really cheezy but very romantic: shout you love your partner at a cliff!
  10. Karaoke night!
  11. Here is a very nice but requires a lot of set up: Hire a writer to write a short story about them and then have someone turn that story into an audio book. Bonus if you do not tell who the character is.

Keepsake Gift Ideas for the Hearing

  1. Noise Cancelling HeadsetsNoise cancelling headphones
  2. Or you can go give them a set of tangle free earbuds if they travel often.
  3. If your partner does not own an MP3 player yet, now is the time to give them one.
  4. Portable Bluetooth speakers.
  5. iPad or iPhone docking station.
  6. A mix CD of your favorite songs.
  7. Wristwatch. Make sure you get the analog watch, because the digital ones do not tick.
  8. You can also get a pocket watch for the guys. Pocket watch look classy.
  9. Vintage Record Player

    Vintage Record Player

    A vintage record player

  10. … and vinyl records. Decorative and usable! Plus, twenty years down the road, you will both have an antiques.
  11. Musical box.
  12. If your man or woman plays a musical instrument, you can get them an accessory to the instrument they play…
  13. … you can also go big and buy them a new one. :)
  14. A parrot or songbird, if your partner loves pets.
  15. Soundtrack of their favorite movie.
  16. Cuckoo clock!

Here are more gift ideas for the senses: Touch, Sight, Smell, Taste.

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