9 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Gym Instructor

Last updated on March 15th, 2018

Staying in shape and keeping the weight off is an ultimate struggle that everyone is going through. Who could resist a tempting scrumptious meal? If only calories could be burned instantly then we would all be very happy, right? Well, unfortunately this is just a dream. Losing weight is a hard battle for most and we could get through this easily with the help of our fitness guru, our gym instructor of course! Through our gym instructor, we are motivated to do more exercises and to be more spontaneous. Perseverance and determination are boosted with their dedication to help us maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. If you are thankful for meeting your gym instructor and would love to give a gift but is totally clueless then you better stick around and see the list that we have for you.

Gym Workouts Map to Success

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Gym instructors are innovative and they really are full of dedication in their work. They always have new ideas on how to tone the body and they always keep in mind of their clients’ good first. Exercise is quite boring for some but never for a gym instructor. This book entitled Gym Workouts Map to Success is jam packed with 238 pages of do-able exercises that would definitely be followed easily even by the laziest person in the gym. Achieving the dream body would get easier with more workouts that are easy to copy and repeat and that is what the Gym Workouts Map to Success is all about.

Gym Remix

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Groovy and upbeat music would keep the adrenalin to its peak levels. No wonder we hear most of the upbeat tracks on the gym and we just keep on moving because of these. Gifting your favorite gym instructor a gym remix would surely make him happy! We know that he is already too busy researching more fun exercises and ways to make his clients lose weight and tone one’s physique, having the remix would certainly add some spice to his workout routines.

No.1 Gym Instructor on Board Novelty Car Sign

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Your favorite gym instructor is the best there is in your eyes and you just want to tell the whole world about it. You can scream out to her that for you he is the best gym instructor by gifting this Number 1 Gym Instructor Car sign. This car sign would proudly hang freely on his car and the whole world would get to see his prowess and greatness. This would certainly cheer him up because for you he is the number 1 gym instructor ever.

Training Shoes

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Training is part of the daily life of a gym instructor. His shoes serve as his base and anchor. Sturdy yet comfortable shoes are very beneficial for a gym instructor. You might be thinking of gifting your dear gym instructor some training shoes and make him think of you every time he wears it. This Puma cross training shoes are so comfortable to wear and because of the breathable Eco Ortho lite sock liner with a cushioned mid sole which makes wearing for a long time bearable and pain free. This air of cross training shoes has TPU shank which makes it sturdier and provides the wearer firm grip on the ground even with every up beat movement and heavy lifting.

Under Armour Gym Bag

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Equipped and ready, these would be the perfect descriptions of a gym instructor whenever he goes to the gym. Of course, he couldn’t carry all of his gym apparel and accessories with just his strong bare hands. He needs a dependable gym bag that is as strong and sturdy as him. Under Armour has been in the market for quite some time already and it is known for having high quality gym bags which is durable and can withstand wear and tears of time. This Under Armour gym bag is 17 inches wide which is perfect to store all his needed things for the gym and the shoulder drop is 24 inches which makes it suitable for all height and gives more space for a comfortable wear. The shoulder strap is padded and adjustable to suit one’s preference. There are two large end pockets for more storage and there’s one expandable pocket which is perfect for gym shoes or even for storage of post workout clothes.

Genteman in the Streets, Beast in the Gym Shirt

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Beast mode in the gym that would be the best description that you could think of whenever you are asked to describe your gym instructor. He may look nice and cute but when it’s time to work out he switches to beast mode. This t-shirt is just a perfect label for your favorite gym instructor. It comes with different colors to choose from too. The size fits true to its size and gives a great feeling of comfort to the wearer.

Water Bottle

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Hydration is very important especially when you are sweating a lot. If you want to surprise your dear gym instructor with a customizable water bottle to aid on his hydration then this should do the trick. This water bottle is a thermos bottle which can store hot or cold beverage. This water bottle can contain the hotness or coldness of the beverage for even up to eight hours. Plus, it gives no weird after taste and is 100 percent BPA free. Although it is a thermo bottle, it only weighs like a regular plastic bottle.

Deep Tissue Massage

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Exhaustion is very common after working out really hard. Imagine the life of a gym instructor, exercising and coaching is what he does regularly. Gifting him a deep tissue massage would be the perfect fit to ease the weariness of every aching muscle. This deep tissue massage is also the right treatment to reduce physical and mental stress, to aid in sculpting and overall toning of the body and even in the improvement of one’s athletic peak performance.

DIY Gift for Gym Instructors: Homemade Sports Drinks

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Since we all know that whenever we sweat we lose water and electrolytes that’s why we drink water to ease the thirst but what about the electrolytes? Sports drinks is basically water infused with electrolytes and any gym instructor is a big fan of such. If you are planning to make a little surprise for your gym instructor then this would be a good one. It is also easy to make, you can follow the step by step procedure to create your very own sports drink by checking out Mommypotamus. You can make your own mix of flavors as you please and of course, ensure that you pick the favorite flavors of your favorite gym instructor to add up some points to your gift.

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