Awesome Gift Ideas for the Crocheting Moms

Last updated on January 30th, 2017

Crocheting is not only about hooks and yarns; it is a way of releasing stress and expressing one’s creativity especially for our wonder mom.  On Mother’s day or in any special occasion that you would want to surprise your crocheting mom, some essential materials would be much appreciated. If you are still clueless on what to gift her then you can check out our prepared gift ideas for the crocheting moms:

Crocheter Canvas Tote Bag

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A tote bag is very useful for grocery shopping, for carrying a lot of things and it would be more fun to bring if it has a funny message that your crocheting mom could relate to. This crocheter canvas tote bag is suitable for your crocheting mom. She can even crochet on it and personalize it as she pleases since it’s made of canvas.

Funny Shirt for the Crocheting Mom

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Crocheting materials are common gifts for the crocheting mom but you can also gift her some light hearted gifts to brighten up her day just like this funny shirt. As the shirt says, our crocheting mom does not need license to carry her 9mm. 9mm needle perhaps, only crocheting people would get this humor I should say. This shirt is comfortable to wear because it is made from 100% cotton and comes in different sizes and colors to choose from. See also these other cool shirts that would bring laughter to your crocheting mom on Mother’s day! Crochet Words, Ninja With Crochet Hook, Crochet Humor.

"There's Always Timer for Crochet" Wall Clock

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On Mother’s day, gift your crocheting mom more time for crochet that is literally by surprising her with this wall clock that is intended for her. This wall clock has a crochet yarn as design with a tag line: “there is always time for crochet”. For sure, mom would be delighted to see this eye catchy wall clock on Mother’s Day.

Classy Catz Crochet Hook Set

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A crocheter mom would never run out of reasons to have a new crochet hook set. This Classy Catz crochet hook set is ergonomically designed for the firm grip needed while crocheting. It comes in vibrant candy colors too that is really satisfying. Check out also this customized crochet hook that is made of clay.

Comfort Grip Hook

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It is a very good stress releaser that is one of the benefits of crocheting according to mom. She can unleash her stress and frustrations through this favorite hobby of hers. Sometimes, crocheting can also be a little difficult if the hook can’t be gripped nicely. To achieve the snug fit and grip of the crocheting hook, gift mom this comfort grip hook. It would help her to grasp and grip the hook comfortably as she crochet through time.

Crochet Locking Stitch Markers

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The crochet locking stitch markers would help our crocheting mom in her beginning and ending stitches. It is designed to hook into the crocheted stitch to prevent slip.

Ultimate Rainbow Yarn Set

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This ultimate rainbow yarn set is the ultimate collection of miniature yarns filled with vividly and brightly colored yarns that is perfect for the crocheting mom. If you want more colors, you can also see this selection of 50 skeins assorted bonbons. Your crocheting mom would certainly have more popping crochet design ideas for sure.

Yarn Organizer

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She may have tons of yarn at home and it would be great if you can surprise her on Mother’s day with a yarn and craft organizer. You can help your crocheting mom organize not only her yarns but also her other crocheting materials like hooks, markers and more because of the pouches that comes in transparent covers.

Yarn Drum

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If your mom is always on the go but still can’t leave her crocheting behind then this next gift idea would be perfect for her. This yarn drum is a lightweight tote that can store all her crocheting needs. The textured PVC of this tote keeps the materials inside dry even on wet surfaces.

Ultimate Crochet Kit

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Our crocheting mom would certainly love to be surprised with an ultimate crochet kit like this because it is complete with all the materials she needs in crocheting. It comes with a stylish pouch to hold everything in place too. This ultimate crochet kit has the following: stitch markers, stitch holders, measuring tape, crochet yarn needles, row counter, ruler, knitting needle gauge, folding scissors and more.

A-Z Crochet Book

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This book entitled A to Z of Crochet book is perfect for our crocheting mom whether she is just a beginner or is already a pro in the crocheting world. This book has all the crocheting patterns, styles and even tips that she can use in her favorite past time.

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