Twelve Great Gift Ideas for Soldiers, the New Heroes

Last updated on March 15th, 2018

Soldiers are known for being strong and brave.  They are acknowledged for being role models and their bodies no matter how strong and sturdy, certainly still have soft spots in their hearts especially when they are deployed.  You can boost their spirits by sending care packages or gifts.  Gifts would certainly make them feel closer to home and would bring joy to their weary hearts.

Check out these gift ideas for soldiers we have prepared for you below. These gifts would certainly be appreciated by your dear soldier whether they are still in service or has already returned home.

Utility Tool

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A useful gift can go a long mile, it will not only be a remembrance of your love and care but it would be a life saver for your dear soldier in his deployment in the military. A utility tool is not only good for deployment but is very useful also in activities of daily life. From a screwdriver to a pocket knife and multi plier, you can never ran out of use of this Gerber utility tool. It is light weight and pocket friendly too! It only costs less than $25, this certainly gives you great value for your money.

Heart-Shaped Pocket Compass

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Soldiers most of the time get deployed in places that they don’t even know of. What is important for them is to know which way is the direction. Another useful gift for our brave soldier is a pocket compass but what would make this more special is that it is heart shaped with an engraved phrase of "My heart will guide you home" at the back. This is a perfect gift for the long distance couples which serves as a token and motivation to go on. It is very pocket friendly with a size which is almost as big as a quarter. It comes also with a velveteen pouch for easy handling.

Dual Time Zone Watch

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The dual time zone watch can make it easier for our soldier to see the time difference between him and his loved one across the world. Setting the time for a call or video chat would be a breeze with this August Steiner dual time zone watch. It is also water resistant which can be worn by out dear soldier even while swimming or taking a shower. It comes with a fashionable genuine leather strap too. The battle field would not tear this watch apart because of the shatter-resistant krysterna crystal it has.

Portable DVD Player

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When boredom and loneliness strike, our dear soldier need some entertainment to cheer him up and keep his spirit alive. A portable DVD player may be the perfect gift for our soldier. This is compact and light weight. It even has a good battery life that can withstand being deployed in a location for a long period of time with no signal and any other form of media. The Sylvania DVD player has USB port too. MP3, MP4 can also be played here. It comes with earphones, remote control, charger and a carrying bag.

Healthy Soldier Snack Care Package

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What would be more enticing and delightful to see when you are away from your family is to receive a care package full of goodies. This care package is comprised of healthy snacks that are made from all natural ingredients. Munching these snacks can never be sinful and it would not only bring a gastronomical delight to the tummy of our dear soldier but it would also give them a happy face.

Personalized Pillow

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Being deployed in the military gives the soldier a well-rounded experience that is unforgettable but this also means being away from the people he loves. You can give ease and a simple reminder that someone loves him from a far through this personalized pillow from Zazzle. You can put your favorite photo together and give warm cheers to your dear soldier’s heart. This personalized pillow is very soft to touch because it is made from 100% polyester. It is wrinkle free and machine washable too.

Soldier Hoodie

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This soldier hoodie is not only good for cold nights to give warmth literally, it can also give our dear soldier a warm feeling inside because it has a lovable imprint of “I heart my soldier.” This hoodie is made with 100% cotton. It is machine washable and it also comes with pouch pocket to keep our brave soldier warm and cozy. This comfortable soldier hoodie is very affordable and pocket friendly because it only costs for a little over $40.

Green Soldier Coffee Mug

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What a funny soldier mug! This coffee mug will surely brighten your dear soldier's day when he sees this. His old green soldier toys now holding his favorite does of caffeine now that he is living this job.

"A Cup for a Soldier" Mug

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“Iron is tried by fire, a soldier is tried by adversity.” This saying is very relatable to every soldier. It not only boosts morale but it also gives them more fighting spirit that will keep them holding on and pushing through. This travel mug is not only inspiring but is also very useful to encase the caffeine fix of our dear soldier and not to let it spill out. This 14 oz stainless steel travel mug can be customized with a design that you prefer.

US Flag Embroidered Cap

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As we all know, a soldier is patriotic and is willing to give his life for his country. You can acknowledge his patriotism through this US flag embroidered cap. This cap is not only a token of his patriotism, it is also a fashionable way of acknowledging his heartless acts. This cap comes in different colors too. This cap can be worn in any occasion he likes. It will not only protect him from the sizzling sun rays but it can also give a fashionable soldier glow to his outfit.

My Hero Photo Plaque

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A cool way of saying thank you for the selfless acts of our brave soldier is by gifting a customized plaque. It’s not only acknowledging his love for his country and the people behind him but it’s a form of remembrance of his soldier life in the field. Make sure to put his best shot as a soldier to make this plaque more appealing and heart touching. Our dear soldier is indeed our personal favorite hero and his deeds are certainly acknowledged.

DIY Gift for Soldiers: Picture Monogram

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This is a great gift idea for a soldier's homecoming. You can do these picture monograms of him and craft it via the letters of his name or the cheesy, "I <3 U". This super cool DIY gift idea will certainly melt a soldier's heart.

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