8 Cool Gift Ideas for Pawnbrokers

A pawnbroker is usually a person or a business that would hold items of value for an agreed amount of money and definite period of time, until the loan could be paid back together with an agreed sum of interest. They are the people who ask for valued collateral in exchange for an amount of money. A lot of us go to a pawnshop whenever we are in desperate situations and when we need immediate money, although we know that it comes with additional tax or also called as interest.

They are the ones who are eager to help us when we are in need without having to ask why or what for. Most of us have probably dealt with them a couple of times, so why not show them a little bit of appreciation just to make them feel better about their jobs? We have listed a few gift ideas for pawnbrokers to help you decide for the perfect present.

"The Man, The Myth The Legend" Pawnbroker Shirt

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It is a good quality wearing apparel made from combined and ring-spun cotton, which is permanently printed with the words, “Pawnbrokers: The man, the myth, the legend.” If you are looking for something that they can use even at work, this is the perfect gift choice. This fabric is especially designed for the comfort of the one who will be wearing this item. Also, the wonderful design of the shirt adds to the stylish outfit of your pawnbroker.

"World's Best Pawnbroker" Mug

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This is a mug made from ceramic with the standard size of 10oz, and printed with “World’s Best Pawnbroker” on the front and the back. Mugs never go out of style and you can definitely give this to your pawnbroker whatever the occasion may be. This will surely be appreciated by them because of its ego-boosting statement!

Pawnbroker by Jerry Hatchet

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It is an exciting book available in paperback. The best item you could give someone is something that they can easily relate with, and it is this book. This wonderful book tells the story of a Mississippi pawnbroker whose life has changed. Give your pawnbroker something to keep themselves entertained off work.

Pawnbroker Sign Card

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This is an illustration of a wrought-iron sign showing the location of a former pawnbroker's in Marlborough Street, Dublin. It is printed on a 200gsm paper with a standard size of A6/C6, which also comes in an envelope. If you would ask a few people if they prefer to receive an email or a card, they will definitely pick the latter. Email is normally done in a few presses on your keyboard, but a card is not. Giving someone a card means you are genuine about your message and it gives the receiver the thought that the sender made an effort to write them a sweet message and send it to them. Get this for your pawnbroker and write them a short and meaningful message that will surely help you earn their affection.

#Pawnbroker Water Bottle

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It is a durable water bottle made from stainless steel which can hold up to 20oz of liquid. As for the design, it is printed with the word “pawnbroker” using a sublimation printing method. Rather than constantly having to buy bottled water outside, give your pawnbroker their own water bottle which they can fill up with assured clean water or a healthy drink of their choice. They will surely appreciate this one, considering that it can easily be brought anywhere.

Personalized Magnifying Glass

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This is a unique and stylish magnifier glass which can be used as a display or at work. It can also be personalized by having a pawnbroker’s name engraved to the side. Magnifying glass is one of the must-haves of a pawnbroker. It is usually used when getting a closer look at a piece of jewelry, so giving them their own tool will definitely be a great idea. Since you also have the option of engraving their names on it, it gives them a more personal feel about the item and to the person who gave it to them.

"Keep Calm" Tote Bag

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This is a tote bag made from guaranteed good quality cotton canvass with self-fabric handles. It is also printed with the phrase, “Keep calm and ask a Pawnbroker.” Tote bags are hoarded from stores because of its durability and different functions. Once your pawnbroker received this from you, this item can help them carry their groceries instead of settling for an ordinary shopping bag that is not exempted from wear and tear. Also, with its stylish and funny statement, they will absolutely be fond of using this.

The Pawnbroker (Movie)

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This is a CD of the movie entitled “The Pawnbroker.” The best gift you can give someone is something that will keep them entertained for a period of time. Most pawnbrokers need this once in a while to relieve their stress and be able to keep their mind off of things. By giving them this wonderful movie, they will be hooked to it and will surely enjoy themselves as it is related to their profession.

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