10 Great Gift Ideas for Painters

Last updated on March 19th, 2018

Painters have different motivations or inspirations to get their work done. As we know, motivation is difficult to find. If you are looking forward to gift a painter with rousing items that may bring about their best work then you need to stick around and check out the list we have prepared for you.

Liquitex Professional Mediums

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Mixing colors to get that exact shade or color that your favorite painter is fond of, then the Liquitex Mediums Intro Set would be the perfect gift. This pack contains six most sought after mediums which also includes flexible modelling paste, clear gesso and high gloss varnish. Mixing and matching to get the vivid and dramatic effect would be achieved through the Liquitex Mediums Intro Set.

Oil Painting Set

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A painter can never get enough of materials. If your painter is a fan of oil painting then this would be a great gift idea. This oil painting set is has 12 oil tube colors of 12 ml, five piece brush set, one stainless palette knife, HB pencil with sharpener and wood palette and twelve 9 by 12 inch oil pad.

Non Stick Plastic Palette

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Painting is such a stress reliever for many most especially when the work of art is finished and ready for display. Cleaning is another side of the story and as we know, keeping the palette clean takes time sometimes. Gifting your painter a nonstick plastic palette should do the trick. This nonstick palette is oval in shape with a thumb hole for easy grip. Oil paint can easily be wiped off and acrylic paint can be peeled off without a fuzz.

Travel paint Brush Set

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Even painters are on the go, and if your favorite painter is always travelling then this paint brush set is the perfect travel mate! This travel paint brush set is not only convenient to carry but it is also capable of holding and delivering more paint evenly and with longer strokes. It is suitable for any type of paint whether oil, acrylic or watercolor.

Masterpiece Artist Canvas 3D Pro

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A canvas is as energizing as a crisp day off, in the perspective of a painter. With the Masterpiece Artist Canvas, your dear painter can have endless ideas come to life with an ideal foundation which works best with most paint types like acrylic, alkyds or oil paintings. The canvas is double primed with archival quality acrylic gesso making the ground impenetrable to paints draining through and harming the fabric. The strong canvas composition gives a paint holding surface and tough general body, which is perfect for substantial paint applications and impasto.

Muses: Women Who Inspire

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Finding a real life muse may be difficult, if they are not sufficiently fortunate to have a genuine muse, this book of outwardly capturing subjects ought to suffice. Gifting the painter in your life a gift of inspiration through this book would certainly be a hit! It can even be delivered straight to his doorway too.

The Painting Workbook

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Nothing comes easy at the beginning, for the newbie painter that you know or someone who has been out of sync for quite some time and would like to have a fresh start in painting, this book entitled: The Painting Workbook would definitely be a big help! This 132 paged book is written by Alena Hennessy who is a teacher, life coach and an artist too. Her aim is not only for her readers to gain knowledge in art but also to be inspired and bloom at one’s own perfect timing.

Museum of Natural History Art Safari

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To explore the world and look at it in a different way can enrich a painter’s point of view and can widen his horizon and get more inspiration for his work. Through this gift of experience, exploring the Museum of Natural History as guided by a private art instructor, your dear painter would be an art explorer in the city in no time!

Private Art Class in New York

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Experience is the best teacher as they say, and if you would like to help your favorite painter to gain more knowledge on his chosen career then a one on one session with an accomplished artist would definitely gain him more merit. Specific techniques would be instructed and tailor made instructions would be delivered by seasoned teacher who is an artist himself who has been in over fifty galleries worldwide.

Painted By Numbers Pillow

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A painter does not only paint but is also appreciative of paintings made by others. If you would like to gift the painter in your life a DIY gift that is quite close to his heart then this Paint by Numbers Pillow would be a great gift idea. This is not only a huggable painting and a creative cushion but it is also very easy to make. Check out A Beautiful Mess for the materials and the step by step procedure for your reference.

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