Gift Ideas for Music Loving Teen Boys (That Are Not Music CD’s)

Music fascinates us in a lot of ways wherein it gives us a glimpse of intense emotions of how it felt to be tormented or in pain, but in the contrary, it also gives us a feeling of joy, excitement, happiness and sometimes, just pure noise. For someone who is musically driven, music has always spoken and touch us in many ways and will always have a place in our hearts. But these stuffs I found doesn’t give annoying noises, but instead, it’s perfect as a gift for teenage boys with raging hormones who wants to be really cool.


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This thing you put on your ear could be fashionable at some point. A huge Beats headphones could make you look really cool you but a wireless earphones would be more convenient and handy at all times. Everyone nowadays uses earphones or headphones. Well either of the two, it would be really nice for someone if they hear their jam when boredom strikes.

Personalized Guitar Pick

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It might be boring in some instances to just give a plain guitar pick if they could use their fingers to play guitar. So how about a custom-made guitar pick which suits the personality of the guitar player? It might be a little trouble on your part with all the hassles, but with a bit effort and give more Pick Puncher, I sure know that they’re going to love it.

Musical Instruments

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For someone who loves music, there is at least one instrument they know how to play. More often than not, guitar is on top of the list. Anyone who plays guitar looks so cool right? They are going to appreciate it no matter what, provided that they know how to actually play it. There are a lot of various instruments, if they are not lucky enough to know how to play it, well you could just give them an album showing how to play it.

iPod Nano

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This gadget is the bomb! Perfect for any teenage boy. Who doesn’t love music? I think that everyone in this planet knows a song. In everyday life, it’s harder not to listen to music because it’s already our habit, or should I say it’s part of our lifestyle and it’s like a vital part of our existence. Besides, music is everywhere, so whenever you heard something that doesn’t suit your taste because you’ve been living under a rock, then get your own ipod and play a song whatever it is that pleases you.

Pocket Boombox

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This one is the new trend. Instead of bringing a whole set of speaker, a minion speaker has brought to life. It will surprise you in a way that this tiny little thing could blast a music loud and clear enough to make people stop and notice. Compare to a whole set of speaker, this one comes in portable sizes and shapes and easily fits anywhere. It’s not only handy, it’s also wireless stereo system which is a great way to enjoy music.

iHat Music Hat

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An innovative must-have gadget for all teenage boys on-the-go. Perfect to listen music as well as to keep you warm and be cool as you go. It fits most to people, so if you’re feeling awkward wearing your earphones, iHat is the one for you plus you get to stay snug and warm. It’s the ultimate accessory for every teenage boy because it’s not only nice and simple but it’s cool and practical as well.

Pocket DJ Mixer

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A device that allows easy mixing between two audio sources. It fits in every pocket and would suit perfectly for boys who wants to be cool as P.D.D. It comes in different colors and versatile as cellphones so you can mix music spontaneously anytime and anywhere you want. It’s really fun and easy to use, just plug it in and bust out your pocket DJ skills and skip the club and turn your music into portable party-making machine with this mixer.

Vintage Band Posters

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You most likely to see collection of band posters such as Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, or N’sync in hopeless romantic comedy movies. If not, you can find one in your sister’s room, posted on every corner of the wall. Well in that case, it only proves that your sister is really cool. These collection of band posters are already part of teenage life and your life wouldn’t be complete if you haven’t got one yet. It’s not only colorful, but it also makes your boring room look super cool.

Rock Band Video game

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1. very guys dream is a video game! Especially for someone who ever plans of putting up a band, this video game is the ultimate rock-n-roll for you and your friends. Whatever it is your music genre, you’ll get that sensation and satisfaction on raucous living room fun as you rip through loads of beloved songs with your friends. You’ll have the experience of becoming whoever artist you want to be, except you’re in the living room.

Magic Sing

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What could be more spectacular than a magic sing? This simple and wireless microphone is the ultimate karaoke machine. If you’re lazy enough to go to KTV bars, set-up a magic sing and it has the complete package of a karaoke experience. It has a songbook that has variety of genres of music and you can add more if you want, bust your move and sing right away!

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