10 Gift Ideas for Managers (That You Like)

Last updated on March 20th, 2018

Getting the perfect gift for someone is like a having a tough cookie but what makes it more difficult is when you would find a present for the person who signs your paychecks.

Yes, showing some love for your boss this holiday season maybe a tedious task for you since there would be plenty of ideas rumbling into your head. Show your manager how much you appreciate their guidance and support by a thoughtful surprise from the brilliant ideas we have handpicked for you below.

Here are 10 gift ideas for managers.

BIg Boss Man T-Shirt

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Managers are not always straight faced and dead serious, some are easy to deal with and has a funny bone who cracks some corny jokes one after the other. If you have an easy going boss whom you would like to surprise with a simple funny shirt this coming holidays then this “Boss Man” tee should do the trick. It comes with different colors to choose from and fits true to its size. The boss man would look crisp and be comfy on this shirt for sure!

Power Tie

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Being the manager comes with great power and responsibility. Looking crisp and sharp with this charming ultimate power tie can be achieved easily by your manager. The power tie is made with 100% silk with a design of repeating power symbol that comes in black color with grey power symbols. The power symbols are woven and not printed which makes it more vivid looking and sure to withstand long period of time.

Portal Aperture Logo Cuff Links

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The big boss is always on top of the game. We always see our manager wearing fully pressed clothes which makes him looks sharp and so bossy. You can give a twist to his corporate look this gifting season by giving cufflinks of portal aperture design. The portal aperture cuff links is rhodium plated with a bullet back closure. It would not bring your manager to another dimension but would certainly make him look more interesting for sure!

Automatic Wine Opener

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Holiday season is the gifting season and for sure your manager would be gifted with tons of spirits especially if collecting and tasting wine is a hobby for him or her. If the manager is deluged with wine this holiday season then it would be fit to give your boss an automatic wine opener. This automatic wine opener operates by battery and can be recharged. It removes corks in just seconds.

Ultra Slim Powerbank

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Smartphones are very useful even for our managers. As he has more tasks on his smartphone, for sure it takes a toll on his phone’s battery life. This coming holiday, you can gift your manager the gift of power by gifting an ultra slim power bank for your manager to have a smartphone with an extended battery life especially when he is on travel and charging the smartphone is not an option. This ultra slim power bank comes in 20000 mah which can charge two digital devices simultaneously. It comes with a built-in figure LED indicator which lets the user to know the remaining capacity. The ultra slim design makes it easier to keep in almost anywhere even inside the pocket.

MP3 Player

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Being on the road most of the time for business meetings or contract signing with partners may be a part of your manager’s daily routine or maybe not but either way, he would certainly appreciate this multifunctional mp4 player as a gift. The Tomameri portable mp4 player comes with a 32 gb memory which could not only play mp4 music but can also play videos, be a voice recorder, photo viewer and even an eBook reader. The multifunctional mp4 player would be a great stress reliever after a long tiring day in the manager’s office.

Massaging Travel Pillow

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Working for eight hours or more in front of the computer screen, monitoring the office, stocks and all can take a toll on your spine. If gifting your manager a trip to the Spa is a burden on your pocket then you can gift this massaging travel pillow as an alternative. Loosening up while travelling, driving or simply while being at the office desk can be achieved by just pressing a button. This massaging travel pillow comes in a horseshoe shaped design that can easily rest on the shoulders.

Digital Photo Frame

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The family photo has always been a dazzling inspiration at your manager’s desk or on the office wall. You can boost the still photo by giving your manager the Coby’s digital photo frame. This digital photo frame comes with slide show, your boss can put not only one memorabilia at his desk. This comes in a 7 inch widescreen with a calendar and clock too.

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

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We all have that manager who is a bookworm and prefers to travel through his books. If you have a wild reader manager who loves to learn more by reading then gifting this book would be a surefire hit this holiday season. The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life is written as inspired by Warren Buffet, who is known to be a business genius whose net worth is a stumbling 63 billion dollars. This book is written to give the readers a deeper look into Warren’s personal life and work, a little trip inside the mind of this billionaire’s head would certainly give the reader some spark of hope that someday something great would happen too.

DIY Gift Ideas for Manager: Stress Relief Pack

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Stress is part of life. We can easily get stressed and the best counterpart is to spell it backwards. Yes, desserts and anything sweet are the popular stress reliever for many and if your manager has a sweet tooth as well then this DIY gift idea would be the perfect one for you. You can copy this great idea and customize it as you prefer by following the procedure and ideas stated on U-createcrafts.

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