Perfect Gift Ideas for Hair Stylists and Hairdressers

Last updated on November 5th, 2018

The hair is the crowning glory of a person. To keep our crowning glory a fabulous one, we turn to our most trusted hair stylist. Cutting and styling are what our hair stylist do best. If you are very thankful for having your hair stylist groom and make your hair more beautiful through the years and is wanting to gift the latter as a token of appreciation, then you need to check out our handpicked gift ideas for hair stylists below for your reference.

Hair Stylist Business Card Holder

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Let your hair stylist’s business cards shine the most through this carefully crafted hair stylist sculpture. The hair stylist business card holder is made from recycled copper and steel molded to house and organize the business cards of your dear hair stylist. This would certainly accentuate the desk of your hair stylist and let the business card be seen more.

Hair Dresser Rhinestone Necklace

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Bling blings bring out spice to any outfit but another way to gear up the wardrobe of your favorite hair stylist is through this charming rhinestone necklace which is made most especially for a hair dresser. This rhinestone necklace has a comb, brush, scissors, blower and mirror as the charms of this necklace. To achieve your hair’s most gorgeous look is what your hair stylist’s aim and for sure through this charming gift idea, your trusty hairstylist would be delighted.

Scissor and Comb Dangle Earrings

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To add up to the well-groomed and styled get up of your dazzling hair stylist, you can gift this eye catchy dangled earrings made especially for a hair dresser. This dangled earrings pair has a comb and scissor which basically depict the main tools of your beloved hair stylist. The comb and the scissors are both measuring 3 inches in height which are perfect for the hair stylist’s usual attire or even at parties. Make your hair stylist shine with these fabulous hair stylist dangled earrings.

Rhinestone Apron for Hair stylist

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Your hardworking hair stylist may dress hair all day long and without a doubt, an apron is their shield as they work. Traditional aprons are bare and you can add a little flavor to the usual hair stylist’s attire by gifting this rhinestone apron with a cool twist because of its sparkling designs. This rhinestone apron has a blower, scissors and comb and all are dazzled up with rhinestone to make your hair stylist shine more. It comes with two pockets that would be very useful for a hairstylist to store in the trusty tools that are used often at work.

Carry-All Tote Bag

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A hairstylist may have a ton of equipment at hand and a carry all tote bag would definitely come in handy. If you are eyeing for a carry all tote bag as a gift for your darling hair stylist then this next gift idea is all that you’re looking for. This carry all tote bag has multiple pockets that would definitely house all the tools that your hair stylist need. Plus it comes with a catchy and funny tag line which says: “keep calm and let me fix your hair”. It is made from 600D poly canvas which is designed to be durable for long term use. The color is black and white and is totally classy and would match any attire that your hair stylist would wear.

Funny Hairstylist Coffee Mug

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Caffeine fix makes a hair stylist’s day especially after a long tiring day at work. Gifting a coffee mug would never ran out of style, most certainly if it has funny quote on it. This coffee mug is made and uniquely designed for a hair stylist which bears the caption: “want a blow job” with a picture of a blower of course. Blowing hair all day maybe tiring but a cup of coffee encased in this fabulous hair stylist coffee mug would definitely brighten up her day. This coffee mug is made from strong ceramic and is microwave and dishwasher safe. It can cater up to 11 ounces and comes in a classic white color.

World's Most Awesome Hairstylist Keychain

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A thank you for a job well done can brighten up your day but to be called as the world’s most awesome is certainly a tear jerker or could make your heart melt. Gifting your hair stylist this keychain with a tag line: World’s most awesome hair stylist would surely draw a smile on her face. Her locker keys, house keys and car key would be carefully encased in this charming memorabilia of yours. And the mere sight of it would pump up one’s esteem after a long and exhausting day at work.

airdresser Art Wall Clock

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A hair stylist may have several appointments in a day and it’s very important to keep track of the time given to each customer. Keeping the time can be more enticing and fun to look at by staring at this art wall clock especially designed for a hair stylist. This art wall clock has the designs: peace, love and hairdresser which would certainly rock the wall of your hair stylist’s salon.

Hairdresser Ornament

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This customized hair dresser ornament is uniquely designed to delight your hair stylist. You can even alter it and put the name of your hair stylist for up to nine characters. This hair dresser ornament is made of resin with a measurement of 4 1/8 inches in height and 1 ¾ inches wide. This hair dresser ornament is perfect for your female brunette hair dresser which certainly looks like a mini me of her. It comes in a hand crafted designed face with a wide smile and cheerful eyes holding her equipment intact. This is a perfect personalized gift for your favorite hair stylist and she can hang it on her bag or cellphone.

Hairdresser Wine Bottle Holder

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If your hair stylist loves to drink some sparkling wine after work then this next gift idea is a surefire hit. Bottle holder in the shape of your trustworthy hair dresser makes this gift idea the bomb. This bottle holder is carefully hand crafted and is certainly an eye catchy piece of art that could stir up some conversations later. This would be a charming table piece on your hair stylist’s desk and would certainly bring some style and charm to a favorite wine bottle.

DIY Gift for Hairdresser: Survival Kit for the Hairdresser

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A gift that you have made by yourself would never go out of style plus it is most appreciated because you have dedicated your time as you make your gift. This DIY survival kit for the hair stylist says it all. It’s fun and easy to make and each gift inside the kit has meaning.

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