Amazingly Good Gift Ideas for Florists

A florist is so much more than a person who arranges and delivers flowers. They are the ones who make our celebrations more festive and alive because of their flower arrangements. It is easy to compile them into a bouquet, but making a wonderful combination of flowers and design is a different story which most of us cannot do. Making a wonderful arrangement requires a person who has an eye for creativity which we consider a talent.

Florists do not only give you your preferred arrangement, but can also give you recommendation for the right kind of flowers you are intending to buy for a loved one for a specific occasion. For sure, a lot of them have given us a bunch of pretty flowers for a few times, so why don’t we show them some love? Here’s a list of gift ideas for florists you can choose from!

1. Paper Roll

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This a fine quality crepe paper made in Italy using age-old methods, used for bouquets. It has 180 gram thickness and approximately 20 X 100 inches. It is extremely stretchable which makes it easier to wrap around flowers or to use in any other crafts. Bouquets will not be complete without the paper, and in order for your favorite florist to keep making wonderful bunches of flowers, you should be getting them this item as a gift. Not only will it be appreciated, but will also be useful for them because you will add a helpful tool for their business.

2. Floral Coloring Pages for Adults

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It is an art page with the illustration of a flower on the middle, printed on artist-quality, 300gsm (140 lb), cold-pressed paper. For someone who has an eye for art, this art page will be very much appreciated by a florist. You have the option to give it to them without color, or you can also color it beforehand so they will just be hanging it on their wall. Either way, it will definitely be a great display for the flower shop!

3. Apron

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This is a Japanese linen apron made from 100% navy blue soft linen, with a big pocket on the side. It is also sold in different colors according to the availability. An apron is protective clothing that prevents us from getting dirt whenever we are at home or at work. This will make a perfect gift for your florist because they will be able to use it for different purposes. A good tip is to choose their favorite color which will guarantee you to earn their affection.

4. Florist's Notebook

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It is a tan colored soft touch PU finish note book with elastic fastening and also ribbon page marker, which contains approximately 95 lined pages. In addition, it also has the design of a watering can in front. A florist has a lot of bookings and appointments in their business. Therefore, by giving them this notebook, you will be helping them to keep track of their important events and tasks. Not to mention the watering can design in front and this makes it more appealing for a florist.

5. Bird of Paradise Lithograph Pendant

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It is a gorgeous illustration featuring an imitation of a detail from an antique lithograph of Bird of Paradise flowers by British botanical author/illustrator Robert Thornton. This design is available as a necklace, key ring, bracelet, brooch, bookmark, money clip, or wine/bottle stopper. An accessory is always a good gift no matter what kind of occasion there is. If you decide to get this for a florist, you can have the option of having in printed in a specific accessory which they can use anywhere. Considering the eye-catching design, it will be quite hard for a florist to take their eyes off of it.

6. Floral Pencil Case

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This is a hand painted wristlet/pencil case with the design of a colorful hibiscus, which is made through acrylic paint and sprayed with a non-glossy protective sealant to preserve and weatherproof the design. It also comes with a zipper and handle for the efficiency of the owner. Getting them this item as a gift will be a good idea because of the numerous functionality of this case. This case can also be used as a stylish pouch by your florist. This is truly a great gift ideas for florists.

7. Watering Can Money Clip

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It is a money clip made from chrome and casted the motif in pewter. It was hand polished before fixing the watering can logo to the flat side of the chrome plated money clip. Having a flower shop means a florist is required to roam around the store whenever the job requires, so it is important to keep your valuable things with you just to be safe. By giving them this money clip, they can easily put their profit in their pockets so there will be no need for another employee to watch the money and prevent someone from stealing it. Better safe than sorry, right?

8. World's Best Florist Shirt

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This is a top quality cotton shirt made from Belcoro yarn, printed with the phrase, “World’s Best Florist.” Let the other customers know who the best florist in town is. Once you pick this as a gift, you will be assured that your florist will be recognized in their own throne when it comes to flowers. Plus, their confidence will definitely be boosted by this shirt!

9. Floral Decoration Framed Artwork

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It is a high quality thick matte (220gsm) white paper, printed at high resolution in crisp and vibrant colors with an illustration of vintage flowers. The best way to decorate a flower shop is through a flower art, so why not get this item for your beloved florist? Its creative design and perfect combination of colors will sure capture the eye of the beholder.

10. Flowers: The Complete Book of Floral Design

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This is a book available in paperback written by Paula Pryke, which contains more than 80 flower arrangements divided into distinctive styles-classic and contemporary. When your florist is running out of new ideas for their arrangement, this is the perfect solution for their problem. They might be able to use this as a peg for their future bouquets or to inspire them in creating their own arrangement.

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