Amazing Gift Ideas for Flight Attendants

Last updated on January 23rd, 2018

Flying is fun. No wonder, there are frequent flyers who travel the world often. Flying for a living may not be all fun for the flight stewardess because as we know, not all passengers are grateful and respectful.  This holiday season if you have a flight attendant in your life that you plan to gift then you can check out these gift ideas for flight attendants we have prepared:

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy

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Flu and germs can be caught easily in crowded areas and flight stewardess are not exempted from getting these. Frequent hand washing is recommended but for a busy flight stewardess, the airplane soap is not enough. Thanks to the Crabtree and Evelyn hand therapy series, your trusty flight stewardess can sanitize her hands and keep the silky soft too. The fabulous scent are also mesmerizing, for sure your favorite flight stewardess would be addicted to the fruity and sweet smelling antibacterial hand lotion.

Flight Attendant’s Travel Mirror

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Flight Attendants are known to be beautiful and pleasant to look at. They always keep their charming personality shine and of course keeping their alluring beauty be in perfect shades and hues all the time. To aid your favorite flight stewardess to check on her looks and keep it intact, you can gift her this travel mirror. Snapping a second to check for her eyebrows, and if her mascara has smudge would be easier with this handy and pocket travel mirror. It can be easily stored in her pocket and be carried at all times as she wish.

Starbucks Gift Card

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Having a caffeine fix at your favorite coffee shop after a long tiring day at work would be such a relief. A decent up of Joe at Starbucks that can be taken anytime by gifting this Starbucks gift card would be a great gift idea for the coffee junkie flight stewardess. Let’s face it, the airplane coffee just won’t cut it and a Starbucks coffee is certainly the bomb and could seal off an exhausting day.

Rock Star by Night Shirt

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She may be a flight stewardess by day but she is a rock star by night. Being a flight stewardess as a day job could be a tiring work. Imagine, having to wear a smile at every passenger and being all nice and caring even to the worst passenger is such a stressful work after all. Brighten up your favorite flight stewardess by acknowledging her rock star side through this comfy tee. This shirt is not only a vibrant looking shirt but it is also a comfortable shirt to wear and fits true to its size. It also comes in different colors to choose from. Make sure to pick the favorite shade of your flight stewardess.

J shaped Travel Pillow

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The J shaped travel pillow is a bestselling and award winning British invention that assures uninterrupted sleep while travelling. The unique design stops the chin from falling forward while sleeping in a sitting position while giving support to the neck and head. This would be a great gift idea for the flight stewardess that she can use at work or even while relaxing on her home sofa or bed. This can easily be carried and perfect or travel. It comes in different colors and design that would suit the personality of your favorite flight stewardess.

Flight Attendant’s Trucker Cap

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Your darling flight stewardess maybe all charming and dazzling during flights but she can be sporty and casual during her off days. If you have a flight attendant friend who is fond of wearing trucker caps then this would be a great gift idea for her. This trucker cap is especially designed for a flight attendant. This comes with different colors to choose from. It is made from 100 percent nylon mesh at the back for a comfortable and cool feeling when worn.

Healthy Snack Box

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Airport food may taste the same for the frequent flyer and same goes with the flight stewardess. She may be busy at work often and only prefers to snack during flights. You can gift your favorite flight stewardess with a healthy snack box as an alternative to the food at the plane. This healthy snack box is comprised of 36 individually packed snacks which also comes with a stress ball which is perfect for a stressful flight. A flight stewardess is not vain for keeping her figure because eating healthy is not only good for the figure but also for one’s health. Snacking on this healthy bunch with a variety of nuts, vegetable chips, raisins and granola bars is certainly more fun and brings snacking to a healthier level.

DIY Gift Ideas for Flight Attendants: Mason Jar Herb Garden

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If you are planning to surprise the flight stewardess in your life with something unique and useful at the same time then you can check out this DIY Mason jar herb garden. This would be perfect for the flight stewardess who is fond of using herbs in cooking. It is easy to make and the materials can be procured without a fuzz. Check out the step by step procedure on One Good Thing by Jilee to help you out.

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