Gift Ideas For Employee Recognition Awards

Granting your employee some vacation time or bonus pay is what makes their year. But as a boss, it is paramount to display an appreciation of your minions for doing a great a job and helping build your business with you. After all, there’s no ‘I’ in “team”. Nothing would motivate them to work harder for themselves and you when they know they are being valued by their employer.

Here are some gift ideas to present to the best on your Employee Recognition Awards.

Temperature Control Tumbler

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Hold on to your seat because this a pretty pricey tumbler. But this is no ordinary tumbler…this one is all about upgrade. You want your drink as cold or as hot as the time you put in the tumbler? Check. Thanks to its temperature control charging coaster which you can control through an app. You can also name your tumbler, change the temperature presets, and set up notifications when your drink is all hot (or cold) and ready! And we all know coffee, hot or iced, is a must for every worker to stay awake to finish a report. The price is nothing for a priceless member of the team.

Shiatsu Massage Pillow

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Stiff necks and other neck pains are common for people who are usually stuck in a chair and their heads bowing down while writing or craning looking at a computer screen. It’s a usual health complaint of workers. And while a boss can’t really treat his employees to a spa day every now and then, this one is the best alternative. You can get a quality shiatsu massage without having anyone to touch your body if it’s ever uncomfortable for you.

Stress Box

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Give your employees a care package with this mini spa stress box. They can use this at home when and after taking hot baths after a long day at work. Essential oils have long to be proven as good relaxing solutions while dead sea salt, with its low sodium content, is made for powerful healing wonders. The bonus candle in the box adds a touch of calming atmosphere when used during bath times or sleeping.

Foldable Bluetooth Headphones

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If your workplace is one of those “free energy space” where your employees can do their stuff while doing your business’ stuff. What’s good about a working environment like that is you minimize stress for the employees as much as possible. music is one good relaxing option while working so these headphones are a perfect go to! No fuss about untangling wires on their desks because this one is wireless. And it’s also a space-saver what with it’s “foldability”.

Jade Massage Roller

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Jade has a long history of its medicinal qualities like soothing body pains, especially when warmed. What’s better is that jade is now integrated into this massage roller so double the benefits! No more joint pains from working overtime. On top of all the health benefits of jade, it levels up the aesthetics of common massage rollers.

Gel Eye Mask

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Tired and puffy eyes are signs that you are over-stressed. A lot of people develop bad eyesight on the span of their profession that’s why it is only important to take good care of them and let them rest when we’re on a free day. You can use it either cold or hot during your nap time.

Single-Serve Coffee Maker

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Coffee is the drink of the businessmen as is nectar is the drink of the gods. It’s your lifesaver when you’re stuck in the office making reports due the next day. Give your coffee-loving employee the best gift he could ever receive-his very own coffee maker! And though he might probably like having a bigger coffee maker, a single-serve one is better because it’s straight to the cup. It is also space saving so he can put it on his desk. No more running back and forth to the pantry.

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