8 Cool Gift Ideas for Customer Service Representatives

Last updated on March 19th, 2018

Who do we turn to when we have queries or complaints about a website or a product? Yes, you guessed it right, we turn to Customer Service Representatives. They are the front liners handling all the rants, questions and the major shock absorber of every customers whether through email, chat or phone call.   The holiday season is just around the corner and if you have a customer service representative whom you are planning to surprise but is totally clueless on what to gift, then you better stick around and see the handpicked items we have prepared just for you!

Here are some gift ideas for customer service representatives.

The Three Books of Business

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Some people think that being a customer service representative is easy but that is not true. It takes a lot of patience to be one, aside from the patience a CSR needs to have charisma and an alert mind in handling customers. To help a newbie customer service representative or a returning CSR, this book entitled: The Three Books of Business would be very helpful. This 180 paged book is written by Roger Reynold Klass who was in the customer service industry himself for nine years who also garnered numerous awards while in service. His book is aimed to help his fellow CSRs to improve the quality of calls, generate more sales and be more efficient in one’s craft. It even has a motivational part to enhance a CSR’s appreciation of one’s self.

Customer Service Representative Pillow

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Sitting for eight hours or more is part of the daily routine of a customer service representative. And for sure, back pain is one of the major complaints that they have. You can ease this back pain problem from prolonged sitting by gifting your customer service representative friend with an accent pillow. This pillow is perfect for a customer service representative who loves chocolate too. A funny gift that is huggable and back friendly for your CSR buddy.

Dammit Doll

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Have you ever experienced having a very rough day when everything seem to go wrong? Imagine taking in calls of irate customers for a living? Customer Service Representatives handle irate calls and queries from customers who are not all nice and respectful. CSRs are being blamed for things or instances that are not within their hands and they are humans also who are stressed and exhausted by weary customers. To help your dear Customer Service Representative to unleash some stress at work, you can gift this cute and stress reliever “Dammit Doll”. This is a 12 inch colorful doll that is made to withstand even the tightest squeeze possible.

NeuroFocus Food Supplement

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Who said that a CSR’s work is a no-brainer job? If you are a CSR, you need to have a focused brain, a charming personality and a persuasive tongue too. Not everyone can be fit to withstand the pressure and the hassles of being a Customer Service Representative. If you have a CSR in your life that you want to gift this coming holiday season, why not give a food supplement that can enhance memory to improve brain performance. The NeuroFocus is a natural food supplement that can help brain function and focus.

Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar

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Cookies are like having heaven in a jar especially for a sweet toothed friend. If you want a unique way to have your CSR friend have their cookies, you can gift this Star Wars death star cookie jar to encase the sweet goodness that your friend can munch on during lunch time.

Yeti USB Heated Plush Handwarmers

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Working in the office for over eight hours as a customer service representative is like being a yeti in a cave because of the air conditioner that is on full blast. Not everyone can withstand the cold temperature, if you have a friend who is always having cold hands and can’t grip on the mouse much because of this then this next gift idea would be fit. The Yeti USB heated plush hand warmers is made for the cold hands to make them more productive. As the name suggests, it can be powered through USB so no need to look for a socket to plug it in. Cold hands especially during the winter season would be a thing of the past with the help of the yeti USB heated plush hand warmers.

Revive & Restore Spa Package

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Being a shock absorber and a front liner makes a customer service representative’s job a not so pleasant one. Imagine all the rants and curses that you would receive for something that you did not do personally but you have to answer and accept because it is your job. As we know, being a CSR takes a lot of patience and courage to battle all these stressors. This holiday season, you can help your CSR friend be revived and restored through this Spa package. This Spa package includes a Swedish massage, a pure manicure and pedicure and facial. A spa get away would surely enlighten one’s spirit to gain more courage to face another stressful work week ahead.

On a Roll Candy Pack

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A sweet surprise would be even sweeter if you took time to make it yourself. This simple sweet surprise entitled: You’re on a roll is very easy to make. You can follow the tips given on Inkablinka to guide you on how to make this simple surprise for your customer service representative. A little word of encouragement could always go a long way.

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