Twelve Great Gift Ideas Chefs and Cooks Would Like to Receive

Last updated on November 11th, 2020

Chefs and cooks always give us a palatable gift each and every time they cook for us. Isn’t it time to give back a great gift for that chef of yours? Whether that chef or cook is your mom, dad, sibling or a friend, this list of twelve gift ideas chefs will love to receive from you. This is suitable for any occasion: Christmas, birthday or just because.

The Ex Kitchen Knife Set

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This is a really funny gift idea for a chef! This EX Knife set lets your chef stab a human-shaped knife holder when he finishes cutting. If your chef just went out of a break-up or has a stressful job that grinds his gears, this knife set will double as a stress reliever for the awesome cook.

Poison Threat Shirt

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“Don’t make me think about adding rat poison to your dinner!” this is the threat of the home cook. If you want something funny to gift a chef or a home cook, you might want to give them this shirt. It is funny, it is retro and it comes in different sized for both men and women! Cool!

Robot Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

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This is a great gift idea for the geeky chef! Passing salt and peers by hand is is plain boring. If you have these salt and pepper shakers, “pass the salt” means winding up the robot and letting it walk on the table to reach its destination! A nerdy chef would want to have one of these in his kitchen.

Personalized Rolling Pin

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What can be better gift to a chef than a cooking tool that has his name on it? This personalized rolling pin will not only help him flatten dough and some meats, it will also inspire the budding chef to do better. This rolling pin is made of traditional oak, which is the best type of wood to use for this purpose.

Personalized Bamboo Chopping Board

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This can go with the personalized rolling pin I mentioned above. A really good bamboo chopping board can also double as a kitchen décor, so invest in something a chef would want to display on his kitchen counter! This is a great gift idea for the beginning chef.

Meat Clock

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This is a great kitchen accessory gift for a chef! This clock shows the different meats taken from a pig, which is perfect for a dirty kitchen’s wall. This can also serve as a review of the chef, don’t you think?

Chalkboard Menu

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This is a great décor at the chef’s domain: the kitchen. Your chef friend can put up that is going to be served for dinner or just about anything he pleases. This tin chalkboard menu has a Fleur de Lis symbol and can stand on its own, making this the perfect counter top accent. Your chef friend will surely going to express himself with this present from you!

Carving Set

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A carving set is one of the most treasured tools in the chef’s arsenal. After all, what can be more luxurious than a delicious, finely carved piece of roasted beef? This carving set is made of the most quality stainless steel that makes it precise in cutting. It is made in Germany and comes with a lifetime warranty. Super cool present for a chef.

Lighted Barbecue Tools

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Have you ever wondered why most backyard barbecue is made during lunch? Because there is not enough light to see if the meat is already done (or rare). The solution? This lighted barbecue tool. This lights up upon the press of a button and lets you see your delicious barbecue so you can perfectly cook it even under the moonlight.

Chef’s Tool Crock

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All that tools and no crock? If the chef of yours has a gazillion of tools, then give him this tool crock instead. It is stylish and ergonomic, and it will hold quite a few kitchen tools inside it. What’s best is that it also has a few tools to add to his collection already! This is a super neat gift idea for someone who loves to work on the kitchen.

Knuckle Meat Tenderizer and Claw

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The manly chef will never settle for womanly tool. No, sir, no. So why not give him this meat tenderizer that looks like a pair of brass knuckles? Not only that this will do a lot of things, like punching a tough meat to softness, picking up cooked meat and shredding meat for sandwiches and stews, this can also double as a weapon if some thief starts to steal his precious tools in the kitchen! Punch the meat, punch an idiot who dares to challenge the manly chef!

Tactical Chef Apron

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This is a great gift idea for the daddy chef. Like the manly chef gift above, this gift idea is oozing with testosterone. The tactical chef looks like those that the SWAT team use, except that this is only used in emergency situations in the grill (ie, a son who has no idea how to cook perfect meat). This super cool apron has quite a few pockets that can hold the tools in his kitchen arsenal. This is a nice gift idea for a manly, daddy cook, whether it is his birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day.

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