Ten Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Banker

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

Money matters as the saying goes but for some people making more of this for a company is their profession. Bankers are not only managing a bank or an investment they are dedicated to make their company grow and earn more. It may sound serious and quite a tough job I should say and if you have a friend or a family who is a banker that you wish to surprise but are totally clueless of what to give, then you better check out the list of gift ideas for your banker we have prepared below.

Pen and Letter Opener

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As we know, bankers play a major role in a bank or an investment firm. Their signatures are very important and they attend to a lot of mails daily. This next gift idea would be very useful for our dear banker. The pen and letter opener gift set would definitely come in handy and be very useful to a banker’s daily activity. Your banker friend would surely remember your thoughtfulness every time a document comes along that needs to be signed or a letter that needs to be opened because of your cute gift.

Financial Advisor Cufflinks

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Bankers need to look sharp all the time that’s why you will never catch them looking ragged or like a junkie. They are always wearing corporate attires and if you are planning to add up some spice to their sharp look then these cufflinks designed especially for bankers would do the trick. This cufflink gift set comes in set of 4 uniquely designed sets made especially for a banker. It even comes with a set which says “trust me, I’m a banker”. It comes in an elegant box which perfectly adds to the presentation of your gift.

Number Cruncher Tie

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Looking prim and proper could be boring sometimes. You can add a bit of flavor to a banker’s outfit by gifting this number cruncher tie. Numbers is part of the banker’s world and it would not be a surprise if this could also be part of his outfit. This eye catchy number cruncher tie comes in black and white and would definitely accentuate any outfit that he has.

Dollar Watch

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Money is part of a banker’s life. Although it goes for everyone, but for a banker the mere sight of green gives more adrenalin rush. Meetings need to be attended to on time. Brighten up your banker’s day by seeing time in this dollar watch. Keeping track of time is now breeze with a little motivation of the mint. This dollar watch is unisex and comes with a big faced time piece that would definitely never go out of style. This would surely add a little funk to your banker’s usual get up.

The World's Greatest Investment Banker

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Everyone needs a caffeine fix, even bankers need this before starting with their daily grind at work. Brighten up a banker’s day through your surprise every time he gets his caffeine fix. This coffee mug bears the quote “world’s greatest banker”. He may not be the best but he would definitely be assured that for you, he is the world’s greatest banker. This novelty coffee mug is also pocket friendly; it only costs around $25.

Banker's Coffee Gift Basket

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Too much work, coupled with a lot of meetings may drain a banker’s energy the most. You can perk up and brighten up a banker’s day by gifting this coffee gift basket which is especially designed for a banker. It comes with a mug which says world’s greatest banker with 4 coasters and different mixes of coffee. The coffee comes in rich flavors such as Italian Roast Espresso, French Vanilla, Chocolate, Kenya AA and Decaf Colombian Supremo. Biscuits are also included to complete his energy refill.

"I'm Cooking the Books!" Apron

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If your banker friend has kitchen talents as well then this next gift idea would surely be appreciated. This cheeky apron comes with a tag line which says: “I am cooking the books” which would certainly be a sure giggle starter for our dear banker. Cooking, baking or even gardening would be enjoyed more as the banker’s clothes would be protected by this cheeky apron. It is machine washable and is comfortable to wear because it is made of cotton and poly twill blend.

God's Bankers Book

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Books are part of a banker’s life. Debit and credit books are in a banker’s daily routine but if your friend has passion for reading books then this next gift idea would be sure fire hit. God’s Banker’s book bears an expose of how the church and money collide with details of financial twists in the Vatican as well. This book comes in mp3, paper back and hard bound for only less than $30.

Funny Old Banker's Joke Shirt

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Life may come fast for some especially when you are working hard like what a banker does. Time flies quickly and before they know it, they are already about to retire. If you have a senior banker friend whom you would like to gift then this funny shirt would certainly bring chuckles. This funny shirt brings banker’s humor to life as it says: “Old bankers never die, they just lose interest.” This comfortable shirt is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable. You can get this shirt for a little over than $20.

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