Super Cool Gift Ideas for Animal Trainers

Last updated on March 19th, 2018

To teach is a way to impart knowledge is a gift. Teaching humans is already a difficult task to begin with and come to think of it, how difficult it would be to teach and train animals? It is indeed a challenging task and most say that it is a God given talent that only the chosen few are. To tame a wild beast or to teach dogs some cool tricks, either way all of these skills are just phenomenal. If you have a friend or a dear someone who is an animal trainer that you would love to surprise anytime soon then you need to check out the gift ideas for animal trainers we have handpicked below just for you.

Animal Training 101

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Nothing comes easy at first, which would certainly be a given fact most especially in the life of an animal trainer. It’s not easy to modify behavior and to understand your subject if there is no common communication between you two. For the newbie animal trainer, this book entitled Animal Training 101 which is written by a PhD would be a big eye opener and be very helpful. This 344 paged book will definitely open the eyes of the reader to multiple techniques of animal behavior training for various levels. Different approaches can be learned and more practical ways to use the given tips are also cited. This book would absolutely be beneficial for an animal trainer not only for the newbies but also for the seasoned animal trainer.

Wireless Training Collar

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Training may take a lot of practice, patience and tools. Any animal trainer would love to own more equipment to aid in enhancing their skills in behavior modification of their subjects. Training with the help of tools or equipment need some precautions and safety assurance as well. Good thing there comes this wireless training collar which is not only convenient to use but is also tried and tested to be safe and effective for dogs. Two dogs can be trained with this training collar with only one remote which can cover up to 300 yards!

Memory Trainer for Dogs

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Treats are good motivation for dogs and other animals. Giving treats for every good deed or trick that your pet has done is the positive reinforcement technique used by many and even by the professional animal trainer. This memory trainer activity device is a fun way for your pet to incorporate concentration and patience as the release button is pressed. This would be a productive activity set that any animal trainer would find interesting. It’s so fun that you might forget that your pet would benefit more from this activity set.


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If you are fond of watching animal tricks being caught on cam, you would often see the role of the clicker in most videos. The use of a clicker is the most common way to train pets because it is one of the simplest way to teach our pets. If you have an animal trainer friend who is not a big fan of using massive training equipment and prefers to use the basic tools like a clicker button then this would be the best gift idea. This clicker button is so easy to use and activates with the slightest pressure.

Ultrasonic Deterrent

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Let’s face it, not all animals are easy to deal with. Some animals are so aggressive and treating such with extreme patience is such a challenge. For the safety of an animal trainer and as a way to tame an animal’s wild behavior, an instrument to alleviate the intensity of the behavior is needed. That is when the ultrasonic deterrent comes in, this device is handheld and very easy to use. The ultrasonic waves that it produces give the animal a mild discomfort that would halt its aggressive behavior in an instant. This device can even work up to 20 feet and comes with a battery life indicator too.

Spray Control

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Animal trainers are animal lovers at first before they have developed their genuine skills. Even in love, we need to set boundaries and that is when the spray control would be most useful. This spray control is very useful for cats and other small animals like rabbits, hamsters, dogs, ferrets and more. The spray system has a motion detector which automatically sprays within one meter radius. Don’t worry, the spray being emitted is odorless and definitely safe to use.

World's Greatest Animal Trainer Hoodie

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If you are really grateful for having your animal trainer for coming into your life and you just can’t hide it then this next gift idea is an explosive way of showing your love and appreciation. This hoodie has the label which says: “world’s greatest animal trainer”. For sure your favorite animal trainer would be overwhelmed for being called the world’s greatest. Plus this hoodie is so cool and can be worn in casual days and even on breezy nights. This hoodie comes in different colors to choose from which fits true to its size.

Animal Trainer Mug

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For the animal trainer who is always on call but is never running out of time for a coffee break is this next gift idea. This travel mug can house for up to 14 ounce of beverage with a closed lid that would prevent dripping.

Home-Made Treats

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Positive reinforcement is widely used by animal trainers. Treats are the center of this reward system and these are very useful for this behavioral approach. As we know, any animal trainer would love to have more treats for his subjects. The more, the better indeed! Treats are often too pricey, good thing that you can make your very own treats for your pets. Just follow the step by step procedure on how to make home-made treats from He has a wide selection of flavors to choose from, there’s peanut butter and left over trail mix and a lot more. You can even mix and match the treats as you please. The flavors suggested are among the top choices of most pets and gained popularity in the animal world.

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