Eleven Gift Ideas a Scientist Will Geek Out At

Last updated on March 15th, 2018

Thinking of great ideas is quite difficult for a lay man but for someone who has great brain potential like a scientist, ideas come out naturally. Scientists are often misquoted as nerds, geeks or brainy people for many and they are indeed intelligent but hey we should be thankful for having them right? Without them, the quality of life of man would be still boring and pure of primitivism. Luckily, we have these brilliant minds who continuously strive to learn more, discover more and give more to mankind.

If you have a dear friend, relative or a special someone who is a scientist but you are caught in a massive mind block of what to gift then you are in the right path. We have here the cool gift ideas for a scientist. Check them out for your reference.

Mad Science Book

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Experiments may be boring for others but for a scientist, these pump up their adrenalin and give them joy and fulfilment with every trial. If your dear scientist is still on the search for making more scientific activities, you can gift this Mad Science 2 book while there are still stocks available. This book contains 240 pages of mind blowing experiments on physics, chemistry and more. Your very own scientist would surely be amazed and awed upon seeing this gift of yours. Grab one now!

Crystal Radio Reciever Kit

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In our era, gadgets have been a part of our daily routine. Without them we seem to be dull and feel incomplete. For a scientist, a gadget maybe a useful tool but to build your very own gadget would bring more fun! This crystal radio receiver kit would be a great gift idea for a scientist who loves to create their very own gadget. This comes with all the parts needed along with the detailed instructions with no batteries required, how would that work? Well, the rocket scientist would certainly figure that out!

Funny Science Sign

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Does your beloved scientist need a little design for his man cave or lab? A scientist may not have to decorate alright, with all those experiments and trials. To add some design in tune of his profession, this wall décor or signage would do the trick. This scientist on duty signage has captions which says: “theories postulated atoms split while you wait.” It is made of metal which stands 8inches by 10 with 4 holes for easy mounting on the wall. It is great for indoors or outdoors area too.

I Love Being A Scientist License Plate Holder

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Scientists do love science and they are not afraid to show it! They have geeky outfits that only they could understand and they even decorate their vehicles and rooms with memorabilia about science and more. To add up to their profound love for their profession, gifting this license plate holder which states: “I love being a scientist” would do the trick. This license plate holder does not only suit your scientist but it also fits standard sized license plates. No need to worry if it would withstand the test of time because it is made from chrome steel and not cheap plastic. You are assured that it would rock his license plate and be durable for a long period of time.

Big Bang Theory Clue

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Big Bang theory is not only for geeks, they are funny as hell alright but let’s face it even scientists love this show! To top it off, Big Bang Theory also has a board game entitled: Clue. This would be a great idea for a dear scientist who loves Big Bang Theory as well. A little leisure time to unwind and shake off that stress would be great by playing this board game along with six more friends. This board game would be perfect for parties or just for chilling time. Figure out who messed with Sheldon’s belongings and build memories and tons of laughs with friends through this Big Bang Theory Clue board game.

Mad Scientist Paddle

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Ping pong is a great sport and also a fabulous way to break some sweat and stress. If your dear scientist is also a ping pong fanatic then gifting this paddle would be surefire hit! This ping pong paddle is not your ordinary paddle because it is customized and made especially for a scientist. It comes with a design of test tubes, flasks and you can label it as you please to add some personal touch. This paddle measures 12 inches and has EVA closed cell padding for that accurate and striking shots. Spinning and speeding every shot is not a problem because of its rubber firm grip. Your Ping pong fanatic scientist would certainly be thrilled!

Periodic Table Shower Curtain

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Grooming and hygienic activities are sometimes taken lightly by busy fellows like scientists. I am not saying they are all stinky and need to shower ASAP but kidding aside, gifting this next gift idea would be bright idea! Motivate your scientist friend to shower more or just simply add some scientific touch to a cleaning haven by giving this periodic table shower curtain. A scientist’s bathroom can never be less scientific with this periodic table shower curtain around. This shower curtain measures 71 inches which is perfect to cover your scientist while bathing. Your dear scientist can be too geeky and scientific even while on the shower! Although we know that he already has memorized these elements by heart but merely seeing them even as he showers would be so awesome!

"I Wear This Shirt Periodically" Periodic Table of Elements Shirt

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Gifting a scientist with a shirt would not be so thrilling for him but if you would spice it up with some scientific stuff and a funny tag line then that would be superb! Give your scientist this funny periodic table shirt with captions: “I wear this shirt periodically” would certainly bring a smile on his face. First because it has the periodic table of elements and lastly because of the giggle starter tagline that it has. This shirt comes with comfort when worn because it is made from 100% cotton. It fits true to its size too. The shirt can be machine washed and is built to withstand frequent wash and wear because it is double hemmed.

Serotonin Earrings

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Not all scientists are men, let’s face it some of them are trans genders and females. If you have a scientist friend who loves to wear earrings but not just ordinary earrings then this one would be a hit! This pair of serotonin earrings would be the bomb for that pretty scientist. It comes with the molecular formation of serotonin on lever back ear wires. This pair of earring would be great for parties or even during daily grind. Since it’s all made up of scientific symbolization then this would be a great conversation starter.

Galaxy Neck Tie

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Scientific conventions or symposium may require a scientist to wear some formal attire and to spice up that look you can gift a fabulous tie to seal the deal! This Triangulum galaxy tie is a charming addition to his sharp look. Its galaxy inspired tie would give our dear friend scientist a look inspired by science as what he is good at. This tie measures 55 inches long and 4 inches wide in 100% polyester with a silky finish. This would certainly remind him of the nebula and cosmos that he has profound adoration of.

DIY Scientist Gift: Tetris Shelf

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A scientist would not be all brainy without his passion for reading and studying books. You may see pile of books everywhere in his room. If you want him to declutter and be organized then gifting him this DIY Tetris shelves would be just right on! Check out the detailed procedure on Our Nerd Home. The materials are widely available anywhere and you can customize as you please.

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