Great Gift Ideas for a NASCAR Fan

They say life’s a race but some of us just really love to race or at least, watch racing competitions like NASCAR. NASCAR is for the big boys as to girls are for the makeup. NASCAR built a huge following over the years due to its extensive play of events and sponsorship. What better way to show love for racing than to purchase collectibles and NASCAR-inspired items?

Here are some gift ideas for a NASCAR fan:

Custom Street Sign

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Since boys can’t really hang up framed quotations in girly handwriting in their room and office, they can opt for this swanky street sign. Made from high-quality aluminum (which means it doesn’t rust easily and requires little maintenance!), this is one way to make a statement of your racing frenzy. You can choose what to put on the sign, colors, and all.

Desk Organizer

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Let’s be honest, men are not the neatest species in the world. Their work desks can be a horrible sight sometimes. Why not give them a hand by gifting them this desk organizer? It can house all the man essentials like their wallet, car keys, watch, and a lot more. It even has a small coaster dock for your everyday cup of coffee.

Pool Float

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Take the racing euphoria to the pool with this cool pool float. Modeled after Chase Elliott’s Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, no one’s too old to sport this car floatie into the pool. It even has wondrous details like small tires, stickers, and logo, mimicking a real racecar. And if you are still doubting the age target of this item, it is made for people 14 years and above.

Tire Coaster

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Again, men are notorious klutzes. You’d hear them muttering about mess just when it’s already too late. When your man has a home office and he usually has piles of paper on his desk but at the same time, likes bringing in beverages with him as he works, important documents are prone to get damaged by liquids. Show him your thoughtful side by purchasing these tire coasters to help him keep his desk dry and his paperwork safe at all times.

Tire Snack Bowl

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This one is a perfect match for the tire coaster above. You can also give them to your little NASCAR fan or racecar driver in training. Make his morning a little more fun by preparing his favorite cereals in this bowl that looks like a real tire. No more forcing him to get out of bed or being fuzzy about eating his meals. He’d say yes in an instant!

Gaming Chair

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When he loves gaming and racing, this is his very own throne. Not everyone can afford a racecar nor join NASCAR so easily. It’s even expensive to have your car customized at the very least of fulfilling your dreams. Well, you can finally have a taste of how it feels like to be a racecar driver (somehow). Sit on this racecar chair-inspired swivel chair and play NASCAR video games and you’d be living the dream in some way!

Bottle Opener

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Grabbing a couple bottle of beer is go-to for a Friday night. But who says you can’t have a cool bottle opener to start the night? This bottle opener is shaped into a vintage racecar and is made of nickel with silver finish making it look really suave. Pop this one out to pop those beer bottle caps.

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