Awesome Gentleman Spy Tools and Gadgets You Can Actually Buy!

Have you ever fancied yourself a spy? Someone like James Bond 007 or Eggsy from Kingsman? Well, live that fantasy by getting one or more of these gentleman spy tools. These will let you experience some of the gadgets they use, like stealth audio and video recorders or vision tools. These will also make great gifts for the geeky person who love spy movies.

Night Vision Goggles

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Spies should be able to see in the dark, or else they will never find that artifact in the three minutes the power was shut down! While you do not have to retrieve something powerful and valuable, you will eventually have to look for something in the dark. You can use these night vision goggles to geekily find your keys. It can also be used for camping and walking your way home at night.

A Tiny Scope

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Imagine this: you need to see someone (probably your crush) from afar and you do not want to be obvious at it. You can use this tiny scope to see that beauty without her noticing. It is so small, you will look like you are just rubbing your eye or something! Can also be used in scoping anything else other than your secret love.

Voice Activated Digital Camera (Disguised as a Lighter!)

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For those who want to record something and does not want to get caught (ahem, legal and ethical reasons, okay?) then this voice activated digital camera (disguised as a lighter) will be perfect. Also works great for quality auditors who need to report on the performance of an organization.

A Multifunctional Spy Pen

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Oh wow! A spy pen! This one records audio and video as well as *gasp* write, too. Too heavy for my tastes, though. Who cares? It takes HD videos, perfect for covert surveillance like checking if the nanny is being kind to your kid.

Sunglasses That Let You See Behind You

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When escaping bad guys, a spy should always be able to look behind them. Just like the eyeglasses that show the wearer what their back cannot see, this pair of sunglasses do the same! This is perfect if you want to check if someone is making faces at your back. Awesome for bosses, supervisors or managers or any person in position, really. These people often get mocked when their backs are turned.

Listen and See from 300 Feet With Orbitor

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This is a great one. Have you ever had the urge to evesdrop on someone? This is the perfect tool! Granted, this is large and bulky and very obvious... but hey, you look cool while using it. You can also use it to listen through walls!

An iPad

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Gallahad from Kingsman recognized this piece of tech as something that is catching up on the spy technology. Might as well throw this into the bunch if you have money, right? Right?

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