Geeky Bookends that Will Delight Any Book Lover!

Last updated on March 28th, 2018

Are books your version of TV shows? Do you collect books? You can display your impressive collection using these geeky bookends! These not only show your best haul of tomes but they also do it while showing your fun, geeky side. Here are some cool bookends you can use!

On the photo: Portal Bookends by Think Geek – #5 on this list!


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The mythical creature from under will guard your books! This mermaid bookend features a silhouette of a mermaid, the tail and the upper body on each side of the bookends. This bookend will be perfect for nautical themed books and room, even on *gasp* seafood recipe books. The sillouette kind of looks like it is Ariel (from Disney), don't you think?

Batman vs. Superman

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The recent success of the film Batman vs. Superman had gathered a lot of following that it also spawned a lot of products, including this geeky bookend which features a silhouette of batman of the left and Superman on the right. Now for the bigger and more important question: which side are you on?

UFO Abduction

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UFO abduction is one of my favorite movie themes. Think a cow being sucked into a space ship, Mars Attack, ET. Love the old classic movies. If you know someone who loves alien movies and novels, then you can give them this alien abduction themed bookends. This set of geeky bookends will be a great way to showcase their collection of books.

Tentacle Attack

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The Japs so sure know how to play with our imagination! They started the whole tentacle rape thing and it instantly turned into a meme, spawning lots of tentacle attack references all over the web. This geeky bookend is not a stranger to that, which features a silhouette of tentacles attacking a female victim! Love the tentacle meme? Get this pair of bookends.


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Portal is a video game where people can travel vast distances via portals created by a gun. If you loved the video game or know someone who does, then you can get them this set of geeky bookends to hold their collection of books (or even their collection of video games).

Death Star

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Lots of people love Star Wars and one of the most iconic objects in the universe is the Death Star, the ship ran by the antagonists, which is capable of destroying a planet with just one shot from its laser. You can have the Death Star guard your impressive library of books or geek movies. Whatever you choose!

So Many Books, So Little Time

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Are you a book junkie? A bookworm? A bookaholic? Then you will be delighted at this bookends that reflect how you feel about books. this set of bookends say, "So Many Books / So Little Time" which is just so appropriate with the quantity of books you have in your possession.

Harry Potter: Dobby

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You have all the Harry Potter Books, from Book 1 to 7 and the extra books like the Fantastic Beasts. How should you display your impressive collection of Harry Potter books? Via a Harry Potter themed bookend, of course! You can take this Dobby bookend for example. It looks like he is guarding the books... "You shall not harm Harry Potter... books."


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Lastly, if you like the genre of post apocalypse, especially the zombie apocalypse theme of books and TV shows, then you would love this bookend, featuring four zombies, two on each end. These geeky bookends are also recommended for Walking Dead fans.

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