Cool, Beautiful, Useful Gardening Gifts for Mom

Last updated on March 23rd, 2018

The special day for moms is coming soon.  If you have a mom who loves gardening then it would be easy to gift her with some gardening gifts that would come for all budgets.  You can go from simple dollar gardening gifts to fancy ones, the possibilities are endless!  From traditional gardening gift ideas to modern gardener’s great finds, these ideas will let them plan for the planting season until the spring thaw. Check out our top finds for gardening gifts for mom. These are appropriate not only on Mother’s day but also on any other occasion like Christmas or even her birthday.

Sky Planters

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Space saver that is what came to my mind when I first saw the sky planters. They are such great conversation starters and a touch of modern art in gardening today. What keeps the plant and soil intact is the piece of mesh and locking disc. The sky planters are also easy to maintain because they only need to be watered two times in a month.

Outdoor Planter-Tipsy Top

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This is another space saving idea for the gardening mom who has little space for her garden. The outdoor planter tipsy top is a custom painted tipsy planter which is great for the outdoors. It comes in vibrant colored clay pots which you can choose the designs and colors that you like. The arrangement of the pots is in a tipsy and intriguing way that only requires small space. The outdoor planter tipsy top works best with herb gardens, decorative flowers and more.

Haws Metal Watering Can

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Haws watering have been a popular watering since the 1800s. The reason for the Haws popularity is the unique design that it has which achieves the perfect balance no matter what is the level of the water inside. The curved spout ensures that the water released is enough at a gentle rate. The spout comes with a removable brass rose for more accuracy in watering mom’s plants. On mother’s day, it would be a great gift idea for the gardening mom to gift this galvanized steel watering can.

Self-Watering Planter

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The busy or travelling often mom may have a hard time to care for her garden. Although she does not have much time, she sure loves gardening. You can gift her self-watering planter to let her feel at ease even during her vacation or during her busy schedule.

Seed Bombs

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Do you notice the gaps in between mom’s plants or flower beds? You know you can help mom in her gardening aesthetically by filling up the neglected parts of her garden by gifting her seed bombs. These seed bombs would help flower up the areas that needs beautification because a spacy flower bed is not a good sight after all.

Puncture Resistant Gloves

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Your gardening mom may have tons of gloves at home, mostly because they wore out, get ripped or punctured easily. On mother’s day, gift mom a one of a kind gardening gloves. We present to you this puncture resistant gardening gloves, it is made of leather which is durable and most of all comfortable. This garden gloves is light weight and would secure your gardening mom’s hands from thistles, splinters, brambles, thorns and more.

Gardening Shoes

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Yes, it is true that mom can be a fashionista most of the time. She likes to match her outfit with her shoes and accessories but when it comes to her favorite hobby which is gardening her signature shoes would just not fit. On mother’s day, it would be best and suitable to gift your gardening mom a pair of garden shoes not only to match her garden but also to protect her weary feet. This pair of garden shoes come in a flowerful design. It is built to protect the feet of mom from the wet and muddy garden which is also suitable when she is gardening during rainy season. The thick in-sole of this gardening shoes makes it very comfortable to wear. It stays on the feet and does not slip off easily.

Rolling Garden Seat

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A rolling work seat is a very helpful tool for your gardening mom, as we know it, prolonged working hours in the garden could take a toll on her back and legs. A rolling work seat would certainly come to her rescue when the pain strikes at random.

3-Piece Gardening Set

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Gardening tool set is a gardening mom’s go to materials and although she has many tools in her garden, they are all worn out for sure due to prolonged use. It would be nice to gift her a new gardening tool set on mother’s day just like this one which is handmade, with flowery imprints and comes with a pair of extra gloves too.

Gardening How-To Book

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A gardening mom who is an avid reader would be a huge fan of gardening books. On Mother’s Day, surprise her with a gardening book that could enhance her knowledge in gardening, give her more tips and even keep her entertained even during off peak season. The more ideas presented to her the better her gardening skills would be and for sure mom would be very grateful for your thoughtful gift!

Napa Valley Wine Tour

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We all know that mom loves to stay in her garden to plant, harvest or just to look at her precious greens but it would be a refreshing experience to let her see a beautiful vineyard on Mother’s day. This Napa valley bike tour is a relaxing ride through the vineyards of Napa. She would get to enjoy the perfect sceneries while exercising on the bike. A gourmet lunch is also served alfresco overlooking the vineyards. She would gain more gardening ideas from this bike tour and would also get to enjoy fresh air and good food at the same time.

Crystal Terrarium

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Gardening is her favorite past time and the sight of green would really please her. Surprise your gardening mom on mother’s day with a pleasant looking terrarium. This growing beautiful scenery is a refreshing and relaxing view indoors. It’s like seeing a miniature garden indoors for your green thumb mom.

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