Fourth Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Fruits & Flowers, Appliances and Others

Last updated on March 15th, 2018

Those couples who celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary usually give gifts that are themed. Fruits or flowers (traditional) and appliances (modern) are usually given to each other, and to couples who celebrate their fourth year of wedding.

If you and your spouse are going to celebrate your fourth year or  you know someone celebrating their anniversary too, this list of fourth wedding anniversary gift ideas will surely be helpful.

Dwarfed Lemon Tree

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Since fruit is the traditional gift idea for a fourth wedding anniversary, a dwarfed (and preferably, already fruiting) fruit tree is a great gift idea. A Meyer's lemon dwarf tree is a good choice because it looks good both indoors and outdoors, and the fruit can be used in many ways, like in iced tea, or lemonade or as a garnish for meats and fish. Try to find the already fruiting tree, so it can be readily used.

Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate

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Do you know why chocolates is the preferred gifts of men to women? Because when eaten, it releases oxytocin, the hormone that make the person feel elated and relaxed. The same feeling when someone is in love. Strawberries dipped in choco is a great fourth anniversary gift because it does not only taste good, it will make your spouse feel good too. Share this together with a bottle of wine. So romantic!

Apple Rose

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If you have read the previous anniversary gift idea lists, you will find that the themed rose is always there. This apple rose will cover both the flower and the fruit part of the traditional themed gift idea. This is a beautiful potted silk rose has a red apple in the middle. It is seven inches tall and the wife will definitely want to display this on her desk. These themed roses are a good anniversary gift, eh?

Apple iMac

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Why an Apple iMac, you say? This is a think-outside-the-box idea. Since appliance is a modern gift idea and apple is well, a fruit, why not combine both into a useful gift idea that both the husband and the wife will love to use? A computer is a great gift idea (and generous too) and the recepient will love it whther you explain how it is themed or not.

Rose Gold Couple's Watch

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A couple's watch is great gift idea for a married couple, don't you think? To add the traditional floral gift idea for the fourth year anniversary, you can opt to make the couple's watch of rose gold make. For example, this very fashionable set of watches from Amazon. These have a rose gold frame and will look good on any skin color.

Pressed Flower Necklace

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For a fourth anniversary gift idea for the wife, a pressed flower jewellery is a great gift to give. Pressed flower jewelry are real flowers encased in a clear laminate, preserving their vibrant beauty and color. Take a look at this pressed flower necklace. this will look good hanging on her neck, don't you think? This a great present for the art-loving wife or the flower power baby. Awesome!

Citrussy Cologne for Men

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The husband would love to receive Tommy by Tommy Hillfiger. It smells nice and many men love the smell of this cologne. And you know what? This is traditionally themed because it is very citrussy in smell. This is a great gift idea that will keep on giving because what kind of woman does not want her hubby to smell like a celeb?

Floral-Smelling Perfume

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Like the gift idea above, a perfume is a great gift idea that keeps on giving back. A floral cologne is good for the ladies, and it is traditional themed to boot! Floral rush by Vera Wang has so many favorable feedback from customers, so you are assured this will smell nice on your wife, too.

Wine Tour

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Wine is made from fruits, right? So a wine tour is a fruit gift. Besides you both will visit a vineyard where you both will see and probably pick and eat grapes. If you are both lovers of wine, then this is a great present and an awesome getaway from the kid. Just leave him with the grandparents.

DIY Gift for 4th Wedding Anniversary: Punny Fruits

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While the blog meant to add this on the children's lunchbox, you can definitely gift a basket of fruits with these pun tags. Funny and sweet! This will make your husband and wife chuckle and feel loved at the same time.

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